A Pleasant Evening! Great Atmosphere

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by RoyleAA01 on November 23, 2012

First of all I must mention the location. As a tourist this location is perfect, only a short walk from the train/bus station (limited parking in Bath if you travel by car!), and its is close to all the best attractions, Bath Abby, The Roman Baths, the river and small park, and just a short walk from all the designer shops on the main street. The views from the windows are great so while you are sat down enjoying a coffee, a beer/wine or splashing out on a bottle of champagne while you have dinner, it is perfect! If you are spending the night there this is the central bar so which ever direction you take you will find other nice/ not so nice and luxury clubs, bars and restaurants, but this place is open till late on weekends and can get very busy in the evenings so it is possible to stay in the same place if you wish. This restaurant does have an over 21s policy which stops and young crowds who are immature and drunk from coming in and also runs by a table service, you can go to the bar sometimes, but preferably they want you to take a seat straight away and wait for them to come around.

This bar attracts a certain clientele including upper class citizens (locals) as Bath is quite a rich area, business clients, older students and even some local celebs.
The bar itself is very cozy and posh atmosphere with golden plated/ wood furniture, exotic plants, pillar candles as well as candles on every other table, old fashioned boards with promotions, menus ect, the restaurant is a cross with antique furniture in a modern designed room.

The back bar consists of a wall full of over 40 different wines and champagnes so no matter how picky you are of which region you prefer your wine, you will always find it! In the evening is the best time to visit, as the lights are dimmed and the candles are lit, it has great ambiance there.
The drinks and food menu are based on international drinks and cuisine... you can find beers from Holland, Spain, England, Italy, USA and on and on, there are about 20 different long drinks or cocktails to choose from, which are very popular with the ladies, and there are special offers on cocktails (happy hour) between certain times. But this can cause delays in service as lots of people order cocktails and they take time to make...can get a little annoying if you are only waiting for a beer lol. But hey, the atmosphere is great and there are many posh ladies to chat to while you wait ;)

The food is also perfect, there is such a great selection including British classics such as Fish and Chips, Steak and Sausage and Mash, Also a great choice of small Tapas plates which have deals depending on how many you choose, a range of wraps, burgers and sandwiches, rissotos, pastas, Duck,... the list goes on, I tried a few dishes, there was no more than 15 minutes wait know matter how busy it was, the food was very tasty and displayed very nicely on the plate. It was perfect I enjoyed every mouthful and it was very tasty!! Prices also seem very good, the wine maybe a little expensive but food prices in my opinion was very good! definitely worth a try....

Also the service was excellent and speedy! The waiters/waitresses wwere dressed very smart with white shirt and white apron, well presented and friendly, the managers were in black, everyone seemed happy which added to the whole experience, where very happy to assist or answer any question about the area....

All Bar One
11-13 High Street
Bath, England, BA1 5AQ
+44 1225 324021


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