Great food and wine, great portions

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by tvordj on November 20, 2012

We stayed at Baileys Hotel on Via Flavia in Rome and the staff there said there were a couple of good restaurants just down the street. This one was one of 2 or 3 in a row but we liked the look of the menu the best. The restaurant is not that large, but the walls are lined with bottles of wine and apparently has an excellent wine cellar. The tables are immaculately set and though the tables are close together, you never felt crowded. The restaurant is in one room though on two levels. We were snug in a corner one night and loved the food so much we went back again before we left Rome and sat in the middle of the room that time.

The portions we were served were generous and the food was really, really good. Probably the best steak I've had in years was served to us on our first night. They have a section of the menu for seafood and fish (antipasti, primo, secundo) listed separately from the meat dishes. The pasta was all wonderful. The vegetable soup could easily have fed 2 or 3 for a starter. The desserts were amazing. The wine was superb and the service was good, not overly attentive but then I don't like wait staff fawning all over me anyway. They were efficient and did their job well. I really couldn't fault the restaurant for a thing.

The steak was probably our favourite. My partner had a mixed grill the second night and said it was very good but still the steak was better. I had huge shrimp in rose sauce and a pasta dish the second night and the soup and steak with roasted potatoes the first night. The dessert i had room for on the second night was a ricotta and pear tarte. Melt in your mouth wonderful! My partner had a chocolate pudding which was more of a mousse and he said that was creamy and delicious, too.

Both nights we at there, we had either a primo and secundo or an antipasti and primo, one night we had dessert and both nights we had a glass of wine each. The total both nights was about 75 - 90 euro. We thought that was about average for Rome and the type of restaurant, food and portions we got. Wonderful!
La Locanda di Bacco
Via Flavia, 32
Rome, Italy
06 87440105

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