Big Investment but dies flat in the water!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by RoyleAA01 on November 19, 2012

All I can say is WOW! How is this club still open!

First of all I will start off with saying to look at this club is amazing, expensive decor, very modern and technical like the best clubs in UK (Maybe a bit smaller) , But great lighting effects, modern art, very big wall sized plazma outside, many beautiful ladies working there, lots of security like big nightclubs have, great website and promo, big front beer garden with modern banners and faux grass..hey we are in Greece! It looks great place....But!! Knowone seems to go there, I was there in June and it was always empty, very little people.

First of all theres the Location. It is to the far side of the town near the medic centre (suppose that could be useful lol) but apart from that it is not very near the strip or other bars, which I guess is not very popular with some people and could be one reason why some people do not go there? Theres probably about a 15 minute walk through back streets where people live or some apartments, bike rental, small restaurant ect. But there are taxi's out the front for a speedy ride to a better area.

Then there are the drink prices, this is a late night venue there are no possibilities of eating. Also the price of drinks are very expensive and offputting. You expect some kind of promotion with the lack in people and bad location but there was not. We even stayed for a few hours hoping it would get busy on three different occasions. (This place looked great, and the promo adds on the tv showed great parties with hundreds of people and great fun. The front is blacked out so you cannot see how many people there are and you must pay to get in, so once your in you want to stay a little longer to get the moneys worth. But still nothing, I could count the flys more than the people there. After the three occasions after buying many expensive bottles of beers we expected some shots at least on the house (every bar, club in Greece gives shots) But here not, the staff looked bored and fedup and whatever girls came in the security would talk to...very bad and expensive, I guess when this club first started it was great, but with the rubbish staff, high prices, entry fees and bad with the crisis people want to just go straight to the strip where many people go, lots of fun, great DJ's, good prices...ect.....

Basically this bar has no positives apart from the decoration and style of the place, thats it. Do not be tricked by this and go inside because yes there is load music but it is blacked out for a reason, thers no1 in there, just go by the smoking area out the front, wait 20 mins you will only see maybe 1 person and they are probably staff, really avoid this rip off place, obviously do not just go by my review, try for yourself but shortly after you will be on here writing a similar review! Maybe July / August is different, but other clubs were busy in June, so why not this one, but go see for yourself! Also do not be tricked by the website as yes the style looks just as impressive but the fun not so.....
Matrix Club
Main Road
Hersonissos, Crete

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