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Lauterbrunnen is a city in the area of the city of Bern in Switzerland. The area is called Lauterbrunnen valley and according to the Swiss tourist information is the place ‘Where Water really Falls’. After looking the area up on the internet and reading all about it we decided it was a place we had to visit.

At the Lauterbrunnen valley is a Unesco trail which will take you pass impressive waterfalls. There are actually two paths that you can take: one high level trail from Murren and the old trading route from Stechelberg.

You can begin at the train station in the city of Lauterbrunnen. We decided to take the route up to Murren. You come across still peaceful quiet little village where it looks like time has stopped for over the last hundred years. It’s a car free village so you can walk around freely. You have to get the train to Birg. This is included in the train ticket to Schilthorn.

The trail takes you pass a few of the 72 waterfalls that are in this area and takes you pass the impressive 300 meter tall Staubbach falls which is truly impressive. When walking the trail we were accompanied by around 10 other people ranging from all ages.

The trail is easy to walk but I would recommend to take walking shoes with you. Depending on the weather the trail shouldn’t be a problem but I can imagine if it had been raining it can be a bit slippery. We came across beautiful peaceful nature and it feels like you are away from everything.

If you are a lover of nature you should really do this trail and you will be amazed.
Lauterbrunnen Valley/UNESCO Trail

Interlaken, Bern, Switzerland

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