Visiting the Fischmarket

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on November 16, 2012

Hamburg is near to Bremen and only half an hour drive, so when visiting Bremen it’s really worth going to Hamburg. Hamburg is a much larger city and has over a million people. You wouldn’t really say so when walking through the city center since the center feels quiet small. This in a good way, it feels intimate.

Worth going to is the Fischmarkt in the city center. I think this market has been there for more than hundreds of years and although at first it was truly used as a food market, these days it’s still a food market but more fun for tourists.

These days you have a warehouse were you can buy lots as coffee, greasy food and beer but there is also a band playing music to keep it really entertaining. Of course you still can buy normal food here like fruit, fish and more.

It’s truly fun and worth a trip when you are in the city. It’s something different than the usual attractions that you would visit.
Hamburg Fischmarkt
Große Elbstraße at the Bank of Elbe River
Hamburg, Germany, 22767

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