In de Wildeman

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on November 15, 2012

Dutch people love their brown bars and most Dutch people will prefer a beer than any other drink. Dutch people aren’t really cocktails lovers and for that reason they have become great experts when it comes to beer. In Amsterdam you can find a lot of bars like this one called ‘In de Wildeman’.

Located in the city center it’s housed in a large old building. The building was originally used as a distillery and for the last hundreds of years but now has been turned into a bar.

The bar was a really typical Dutch look with dark brown colors with dark brown furniture. When you walk in you can see the large bar with behind it many different kind of beers. You can get the real Dutch experience with trying out different kind of local beers. There are also a lot of Belgian and German beers.

The atmosphere is very cozy but there is for example no music playing in the background. I recommend that there are a lot of regulars here at this bar mixed with tourists from all over the world. It really has a good buzz when you walk in.

A great bar with lots of options to try out different kind of beer.
In de Wildeman
Kolksteeg 3
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1012 PT
+31 20 638 23 48

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