Okay for staying in the Park

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by rufusni on November 14, 2012

I had hoped to get a reservation in the Lodge overlooking Crater Lake but it was booked long in advance, so I had to go with a room at the motor lodge which is Mazama Village which is 7 miles away from the lake, rather than stay outside the park.

I arrived at Mazama Village which consists of a restaurant/gift shop, a shop and cabins and camp ground. I pulled up in the parking lot and went to check in which was reasonable straight forward and followed the directions to the cabin.

The motor lodge consists of I think 8 four-united cabins - but there are arranged in two rows, so don't be expecting isolation. I moved the car and parked in front the unit and brought in my case. The room had two beds a small table and chairs and a hanging rail - that was about it. This is definitely intended to be a little rustic - not TV, phone, fridge etc. There was a coffee maker and coffee (better than the coffee I had earlier at the rim!) But you are in a National Park with incredible scenery and hikes, so I spent little time in my room. The colour was dominated by brown, the lighting was miserable and there were a few stains on the carpets. There were nice pictures of the park above the bed which was a nice touch.

The bathroom was fine - but just a shower, but there was hot water and reasonable pressure. It was fairlt clean. A few basic toiletries provided.

If you were staying in the cabins you were able to get a free bag of ice from the shop which I did which kept a few food items I had cold. The shop itself had a reasonable selection of items if you needed something, but more expensive than your local supermarket.

I got a good night's sleep - there was no outside noise - the only time I heard my neighbours even was them chatting as they unlocked their doors - but more to do with the entrance hall space amplifying noise - little noise came through the walls (helped I supposed by the lack of TVs). The only problem was someone had set the alarm on the clock in the room - I thought I had checked the night before but not closely enough when it went off super early.

I decided to head up to rim to see the sunrise and had an early hike down the Cleetwood trail. I was only staying one night - but I waited to after the hike to come back and get showered before check out .

I was up in the Lodge at the rim and it was much much nicer. I would try and stay in the hotel before the cabins. The cabins were overpriced for a basic motel room which was battered but I saw it as paying for the luxury of staying within the park - which I was glad to do to enjoy sunset and sunrise. THe motel was adequate for the night, but it is not exactly luxury. First preference would be the hotel was you are right at the rim, but the motel is grand as an alternative, basic and at a distance, but adequate.
Mazama Village Motor Inn
Mazama Village Complex
Crater Lake, Oregon, 97604
(541) 830-8700


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