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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by rufusni on November 13, 2012

Having stayed at Ravenwood motel just up the road this was my first stop when heading down the road - so it was early morning and I was the only one there. Its off one of the junctions at Klamath off the US-101.

There is a small booth at the entrance to pay, but as I was there before it officially opens they have an honesty box for the five dollar entrance charge. It is a small site but the entrance area is pretty and well kept. There are restrooms but I didn't use them as I had just left the motel. There is a small gift shop but equally it wasn't open when I was there before 8am.

There was a short laneway up to the tree itself - and there is tight turn to get to drive through the tour. I only had a small rental car so I had no problems maneuovering through. There is reasonable head space but it is fairly narrow. Stopped the car, just had space to climb out and take a picture of the car. I was the only one there or I would have had someone take a photo of me with the car!

Its really only a short photo stop. Its kind of cheesy but a reminded of the early age of holidays in your car with motels. It may not fit modern environmentalist and conversationist ideals - it really can not be good for a tree to have a huge chunk cut out of its middle, but its strange to see the trees still alive and growing. The photo with the car in the tree just reminds me of how big the tree is, and this is definitely not one of the bigger Redwoods I encountered.

Its definitely touristy. Its very much old school. But I kind of liked it. I like having a photo of my car driving through a tree.Its one of three drive through a Redwood tree options in California, and visiting one is enough even if you are interested. Its up to you whether you want a taste of a bygone era of tourism or whether you should just keep driving along the US 101.
Klamath Tour Thru Tree
430 Highway 169
Klamath, California, 95548
(707) 482-5971


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