Huge Portions

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by rufusni on November 13, 2012

Options for dining in Crescent City don't seem to numerous and this place was recommended to me. Its on the US 101 opposite the harbour. Its beside several motels and hotels, and so there seems to be a lot of tourists travelling through and eating here. There was plenty of parking space around the restaurant which is a two storey building.

I arrived in, there were quite a few tables already filled, and by the time I had ordered there was a queue of people waiting to be seated. I decided that I had more than enough meat for a while and felt like something vegetarian and had a real carb craving. So I decided to order the Good Harvest Pasta, which came with a choice of soup or salad. As it was grey and cool out I decided it was an evening for soup. So I read the book I had with me. The soup arrived out - it was tomato with chunky vegetables. The problem was that 30 seconds after the soup arrived the main course arrived.

The main was a huge plate of pasta - linguine to be exact. There was a tasty sauce and sauteed vegetables through it. It was pretty nice. On the side was a slice of garlic toast, but the topping on it was as close to burnt without being burnt as you could get - not so nice. The pasta was tasty but the amount in the plate could have fed two or maybe even three people. The waitress offered to box it up for me but I had no fridge to put it in so I didn't bother but I would have as there was still a mountain left.

I decided I wanted something sweet to finish so ordered chocolate cake and some tea with milk. If I thought the pasta dish was large, the piece of chocolate cake was the largest I had ever seen. It was incredibly tasty! But while I didn't take the box option for the pasta, I did ask them to wrap up the cake. I enjoyed it for the next two days!

I did feel bad sitting so close to the door and watching this queue building up of people waiting for tables and I was sitting at a table for four on my own. I know it shouldn't bother me but kind of felt I had to rush out.

I came back the next day to get a cup of coffee in the morning - and had a very nice flavoured latte.

Okay, this place has a nice mellow atmosphere, it would be a nice place to have a relaxed dinner with friends. But despite suggesting it was healthy food and such like, not sure I could quite see that in the menu. The portion sizes which I saw on other tables as well as what I got served seemed huge. The food was fine, not exactly gourmet but in a small place like Crescent City it was pretty good. But I think if I was there on my own again I'd try for a table upstairs or at the back and not sit near the door and feel guilted into leaving because of the queue.
Good Harvest Cafe
575 US Hwy 101 South
Crescent City, California, 95531
(707) 465-6028

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