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While Golden Gate Bridge may be iconic, the Painted Ladies known as the six sisters I instantly recognised from scenes in several series and films. They seem to appear as a backdrop at some stage if the film has a connection to San Francisco. And they provide an interesting contrast in any picture between the history of San Francisco and it development.

The six houses in a row were built between 1892 and 1896, and have survived even earthquakes. Apparently their were many similar houses around the city at the time but many have been destroyed such as in earthquakes, and others altered from their original design. And having a row that have been maintained in their original style is unusual apparently as well.

Their bright painted colours and details contrast sharply with the modern city skyline behind it which seems mainly to be a palette of greys. Several landmark buildings in the skyline can be made out.

There is a small park (Alamo Sqaure) opposite the row and provides a good view of the houses and on across the city. The park isn't all that pretty, but its a green patch in the middle of the city with a decent view. So a fairly good place to sit for a minute.

While the view is nice, and kind of cool to see these beautiful painted houses, its not exactly the top of my list to see again in the city. I took a bit of a detour to see them, but there is plenty of parking in the nearby streets to park and get out for a closer look. But its only going to be a quick stop, a few minutes to take a photo and enjoy the view, there is little else to do.

There is a reason the houses are known as Postcard Row, they are definitely photogenic, in all their beautiful maintained splendour. But Postcard Row also reflects as much as you are going to see...the same as any picture you've ever seen before of them.
Painted Ladies/Alamo Square Park
710–720 Steiner Street
San Francisco, California

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