finding it in the fog

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by rufusni on November 11, 2012

The fog had been floating about all morning, and then it cleared so we decided to head over the bridge. We drove across and parked in the car park at the vista point in Marin County. It was incredibly busy, it took a while to get a parking space. There were several tour buses and those hop-on-hop-off tours as well. We could see people cycling and walking across the bridge. We didn't have time that day to do that, but I was hoping to another day, but this to make sure we saw it without fog.

It was still a bit hazy so though the skyline of San Francisco was visible it wasn't crystal clear. but you could make out a few of the distinctly shaped landmarks of the skyline. But there was a good view of the bridge. And also you could see the Bay Bridge.

Its one of those famed landmarks. That distictive orange-red colour of the bridge, which was the colour used of the original primer to protect the metal. Those two towers with their art deco design standing at either end suspending the roadway across the bay with huge cables. It is symbolic of the city. Show a picture of the bridge and most people will instantly recognise it. So it was nice to see.

It was a good view from the Marin County end of the bridge towards the city. There is a patio type viewing dec. But the toilet facilities were lacklustre to say the least and had a huge queue.

We drove back over the bridge into the city. You only pay the toll going across the bridge into San Francisco which I found strange.

Unfortunetely, I never got the chance to walk or cycle over it...the next day I wasn't feeling well so didn't fancy getting to the middle and the bridge and keeling over. On my way down Route 1 I again drove across the Golden Gate Bridge (which is shared by HIghway 1 and the 101). This time the tower on the Marin County end was visible but San Francisco including the tower on that side was very definitely in the fog. It was rather strange to drive halfway across the bridge and drive into the unknown. There is a toll to drive back across the bridge. But you can walk across one side of the bridge during day light hours, or cycle, as there are plenty of places renting bikes in San Francisco for that purpose alone.

Worth the trip to see this iconic bridge. It was also interesting to be there in 2012 as the bridge was celebrating 75 years of its opening. It has stood the test of time well and shows genius in its engineering design. It is impressive to see even if other bridges surpasses its length and height.
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Bay
San Francisco, California

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