Champagne and sunset

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by rufusni on November 10, 2012

We decided our few relaxed days at Lake Tahoe would be best ended with a sunset cruise. We made a quick dinner at our camp, and walked across the road the the jetty at Zephyr Cove. We picked up our prebooked tickets from the booth. There was no sign of the catamaran as we sat and waited and enjoyed the view. Then she appeared across the lake making her way and swinging round to the jetty.

We watched the previous group getting off the boat, and then we were given our safety talk before we got on board and were introduced to the three crew. There is an inside seating area, a seating area at the back of the boat, and then cushions across the deck at the bow. Our group divided up some to the stern, and three of us decided on the bow, and we got three big cushions to lounge on. There were a only a handful of people on our cruise. Our ticket for the sunset cruise included wine, beer and soft drinks. So as we were starting out we were brought a glass of champagne.

It was nice to be under the power of the wind, and watching the sails being unfurled. We glided across the lake, sipping champagne, and watching the sunset.

It got very cold out on the water, especially as the sunset - I was glad I had brought plenty of layers as there was quite a breeze. A few other people retreated into the cabin as they got cold. Though the crew brought out some blankets for those who got cold.

The barwoman kept everyones drinks topped up, and provided some snack mix to nibble on. All the crew were very warm and pleasant. You were allowed to get up and wander about, but make sure you have something resembling sealegs and hold onto something. You can go and get a drink but there is no real need to. I did go for a wander to see our lot at the stern, but I was content to just lie on my big cushion of the deck and relax.

This is not a sightseeing cruise (there are other options for that on Lake Tahoe). This is a chance to get out onto the water and enjoy the scenery and relax. I did like the sunset option. I enjoyed my champagne, glass of wine and a soft drink...sipping away watching as we floated past. It was unfortunate that the wind dropped and we had to motor back to Zephyr Cove, but that's just one of those things that can't really be avoided.

This was a lovely relaxing evening, a few drinks, sunset. Lovely! But was glad to get back to camp for a hot drink to warm up again and sit by the camp fire. Well worth the was a perfect treat!
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