Am I becoming a hipster?

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by dangaroo on November 9, 2012

Constantly on the look out for pubs in the Saska Kepa area of Warsaw, I was tipped off about this little pub by one of my students. If you do your party planning on Facebook then you may come across this easily but from the outside it looks like a charity shop, a cafe at the very most. Not being overly into cafe, I certainly wouldn't have ventured inside without this bit of extra knowledge.


Located on Ul. Zwyciezcow, this is just after the crossroads with Ul. Saska, on the left hand-side opposite the Alma supermarket. It is in a one level white building.


The pub is a bit of a hipster's haven and not really my scene, people of all sorts of ages visit and few of them can last a minute or two without playing with some form of technology, ipads, iphones and laptops abound as people spend more time telling people what they are doing than actually doing it. Irritating on the eye, their fashion might be but they are harmless enough and dare I say, even quite friendly.

What's the crack?

I visited midweek and it was raining, most places are usually empty but Towarzyska was surprisingly busy. A German film was being shown in a hallway downstairs which also doubles up as a dancefloor where a fair range of DJs play not so common tunes. Before entering the room downstairs, the toilets are located on the left. The stairs is home to some bookshelves with a variety of magazines in English and Polish that are available for customers to read. The upstairs consists of some bar stools and several tables ranging from two seaters up to six. A range of cakes, snacks and coffees are available. The cakes looked home made and particularly appealing. I didn't eat, preferring to drink their fantastic Czech beer on pump. There are two beers on pump from the same Czech brewery, one a dark one and the other a typical pilsen. Both are delicious but if it's not up your street, you'll be glad to hear there's also a range of bottled beers from smaller breweries to choose from. The draught costs 9zl, which is good value considering the quality. Bottled beers are about the same price.

While we were sat down having a few beers, the smell of toasties was wafting through and they smelt so good that it was difficult not to order one. Although this place isn't typically a place I'd go, it's close by, the beer and atmosphere was good and I might just have one of those toasties.

Klubokawiarnia Towarzyska
Zwycięzców 49
Warsaw, Poland

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