Sunday lunch amongst the plants and statues

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My Dad is a keen gardener and as far back as I can remember when I have visited my parents back home in the UK there has always been a trip to a garden centre on the itinerary. This year my Dad was away so my granddaughter and I took a trip with my Mum and sister to the local garden centre called Johnson’s. This is on Wainfleet Road in Boston, a short drive from my parent’s house. The Johnson family have owned the business for many years and always employed local people. They believe in having special contact with their customers and supplying top quality food and goods.

We visited as a family on a Sunday afternoon. There is a huge car park in front of the garden centre so we didn’t have any trouble finding a parking slot. As you walk through the main doors you can choose whether to walk around the gardening areas, gift shop, food store and café or visit the restaurant and conservatory. The main purpose of our visit was to have a meal as Mum wanted to treat us all to lunch so we went straight to the restaurant.

The restaurant is situated just past the main entrance, most of the tables and chairs are inside but you can choose to sit in the conservatory which is very pleasant with lots of potted plants and looks out on to an area where plants and garden statues are displayed. Altogether the restaurant seats up to 250 people. There is a card menu and a board on the wall showing the day’s specials. You have to order at the self-service counter. Cutlery, serviettes and condiments are to the right of the counter close to the entrance of the conservatory. My sister and her boyfriend asked us what we would like to eat and when we had chosen, she told the ladies behind the counter. They said that they would bring the food out to our table. I ordered chilli and a jacket potato as did my sister and my Mum and sister’s boyfriend both chose scampi and chips. My granddaughter chose ham, egg and chips (children’s portion).

We had to wait about ten minutes before the food was delivered to the table. It was busy in the conservatory and quite noisy. When the meals arrived I was surprised at the size of the portions. They looked very large. My granddaughter’s plate was oval in shape and filled with large, fat chips, two very large pieces of good quality ham off the bone and a fried egg. I think they must have given her an adult’s portion. She started tucking in after she had covered everything in tomato sauce (a Polish thing) and really enjoyed the food. My chilli was tasty. I am usually very fussy about this dish as I like it to be very spicy and the meat well cooked, not chewy. I was content with the chilli, the side salad was crisp and adequate but I thought the jacket potato was too big and could have been cooked a bit longer. I knew when I started eating that I wouldn’t finish it. Mum started tucking into her scampi when we all realised that my sister’s boyfriend hadn’t received his meal. He went back to the counter to see what had happened and they had forgotten it. This was a bit of a bummer as we had all started eating and by the time his meal arrived we had nearly finished. My granddaughter had started to fall asleep while tucking into her ham and eggs. I sat her on my knee and then she suddenly woke up and started eating again. Oh Boy, how she can eat!

The dessert menu consisted of rich cakes with lots of creamy fillings and things like apple pie and fruit puddings but we were all full so ended the meal with water and a pot of tea. I read on the menu card that all meat and vegetables are locally sourced which is something I approve of. The minced beef in my chilli was of a very high quality and the ham on my granddaughter’s plate was thickly sliced, and tasted meaty rather than of just salt and water. I thought overall the food wasn’t bad but a bit expensive. You could probably get the same meals in a pub for half the price. The bill came to just over £35.

Wheel chair accessibility is good and there was plenty of room for movement in the conservatory and also in the main part of the restaurant.

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 09.00 a.m to 16.30 p.m, Sunday 10.00 a.m to 15.00 p.m
Johnson's Garden Centre Restaurant
Wainfleet Road
Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 9RZ
01205 363 408

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