Stunning Mountain Range

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by rufusni on November 6, 2012

We drove from Yellowstone in Grand Teton National Park. I liked the story about the naming of the road we travelled on, John D. Rockerfeller, who in 1926 when here disliked how the land was being bought and used, so he schemed as he knew local ranchers would dislike a park, so he started buying land and later donated it to the federal government - I liked the scheming part.

Our first stop was Jackson Lake Lodge, which is a huge development of a hotel and cabin. But it does provide a good stop as it serves coffee in its lounge and patio which provide stunning views of the jagged row of peaks that suddenly just seem to shoot up from the ground. A perfect coffee stop! (well the coffee could have been better but the views would be hard to beat) We sat on the patio with our coffee for a good while just soaking up the view. Also a good opportunity to use restrooms. There was also a nice souvenir shop to peruse.

Next stop was Jenny Lake - we managed a picnic lunch before heading out to walk round the lake. We hiked up to Hidden Falls, which you hear long before you see. The falls threw off a lovely cooling spray, nice on a day when the humid was high and I thought a thunderstorm was going to brew up. I went half way up to Inspiration Point, but my ankle gave up on me having hurt it a few days before, so I sat and enjoyed the view over the lake and waited for the others to come back. With the changing weather we decided to take the boat back...and the ferry boat was full. I ended up in the front seat, and as the wind had picked up and the lake was choppy now, I ended up getting soaked. But had a great chat with our 'captain'. To be honest Jenny Lake was so busy with tourists it removed some of its lustre - though most take the ferry across and so busy at the other side, and few walk along the lake side path. It was also interesting to see how poorily prepared some were for any hiking on the other side of the Lake, even the short walk to Hidden Falls is up a reasonable steep and rocky path. Its not really suitable for flipflops or other flimsy footwear. I rescued one family with a small child who had slipped and cut her knee and hand by pulling out my modest (and I don't carry a huge kit) first kit for some gauze and a sticky plaster. Equally most had nothing with them in case the weather changed, no sweaters or coats, and it did get cool out on the lake. It is however, a good place for families with very accessible hikes and kids no doubt will enjoy the ferry boat. But while pretty, I found too busy. On arriving back we had a look around the small display in the visitors centre and then went into the shop, which had lots of things to buy, both pratical and souvenir, but tea and chocolate were on the cards for me from the selection of food stuffs.

Grand Teton National Park has some incredible scenery, those jagged grey peaks with a snow dusting are stunning backdrop to enjoy coffee and some walking.
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