An Average Water Park

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by RoyleAA01 on November 5, 2012


The location actually in my opinion is not great at all! Yes they do organise a shuttle bus that picks people up from various parts of the island, but of course this comes at an extra cost! It is not possible to access this park unless you have great travel bearings and/or rent a car/bike. It seems like the park is way up into the hills travelling through steep, windy roads until finally you get there... of course this depends on the route you take or know. Hersonissos is probably the closest resort to the park but the ride is still uncomfortable. If you rent a car and know how to use a map then I recommend this instead. I do understand they need a lot of room to build a park like this but in my opinion it should be more coastal than into the hills. There is a hotel situated by the park so I guess if you are staying here then its perfect location for you.

Water Park

The water park is basic and small, there is a better and much bigger park located in Anapolis that is much bigger called Water City, go here instead. The slides are ok, nothing great but not that bad also. These slides in my opinion are more for younger children and families.
There are to long twist slides that are good but there is a very big climb to the top lol, theres no lift im afraid. Also the height of the season the ques are very large due to the lack in attractions to go on. Theres one cool shoot where u slide from side to side until you fall down the bottom, similar to a skateboarding arena i thought. But only one person at a time so there is a long wait all the time.
Apart from that there were a slow slide where you have a rubber ring but that looked very boring so I did not go on it, and then just a few kiddy attractions there.


Service sometimes was quite arrogant, they did not seem to care who was next or even welcomed you, they just served whoever was next and ordering a coffee they seemed very unhappy about doing it, maybe if they worked a little bit faster then they would not have lots of people waiting! The pool staff seemed very nice but also very bored and sleepy, maybe a hangover or just plain bored. The food was basic snacks
like burger, chips, hotdog, pizza etc, it was basic, not very tasty just a waste of money. The drinks also were not good, I had a beer it was ok, but the ice drink and coffee was far from good, the coffee even had many bits init. Stay away from it, just get a beer maybe, but even that looked a little watered down.


Well it is simple to describe really. They are not looked after very well, no toilet paper, low amounts of soap, smelly, many mosquito's in there. Overall not very pleasant, also the floor was wet which was dangerous for slipping on.
Acqua Plus Water Park
5th Km To Kasteli
Hersonissos, Crete, Greece

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