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Since my husband and I are both big fans of delicious chocolate we decided to visit the chocolate museum in Cologne. Before we decided to go to this city we checked out all the attractions. Cologne has a few things to offer as the Cathedral and the zoo. The chocolate museum is one of the main attractions.

The museum is located just outside the city center on a corner island which is about 20 minutes walking from the city center. At the museum you can learn everything about the history of chocolate and how it’s made. At the museum you can follow the entire production process from start to the end.

First at the museum you will learn everything about the origin of chocolate and were it actually comes from. For each country you can read a description and see how much they produce. There is also a little game for children. Fruther on you have a tropical jungle were the production of chocolate actually starts. When you walk fruther you see the production proces were you see the actual machines. What you can follow is the making of chocolate from the cacao to the end.

The musuem interesting to visit but it focuses more on children then on adults. I enjoyed the visit but since we both paid 7,50 euro’s i found the price a little bit too steep.
Sarrià Sant Gervasi
Barcelona, Spain, 08035

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