Exotic Plants and Animals ?

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Great location near the centre of Swansea, in the same complex there's a bowling alley and cinema complex with free parking! So there is a great chance of making this trip into a day out if you include a film or game of bowling after the visit to plantasia. There's also lots of restaurants, coffee shops, takeaways and bars if you want to eat or relax with a few beers. It is easy access by foot from the bus/train station, or take a taxi it will only be a short journey which equals a small cost so you do not need to walk by foot if it is a rainy day for example.


If you check out the website before you go you will be terribly disappointed just like we was. On the website everything looks amazing, warm, tropical style, fresh, exciting, the list goes on! So we were expecting a lot when we arrived.

However when we arrived to the attraction, the prices were not huge, but not cheap enough to make you want to come back again. Well maybe we would if the attraction had a renovation and thorough clean. When we arrived the attraction from the start felt very lifeless and there was no excitement or even any happy looking staff in my opinion lol. The plants did not seem on the healthy side, there did not seem much care for them. The section with the animals, reptiles, fish etc was not very big at all, 5 minutes and your done! There is nothing that makes you think, wow!! Some cages were not even in use, and the others needed a good clean out, very dissapointing to be honest as the animal section was small enough already without empty sections as well.

After that then we arrived at a pond with carp in it. This is a special place in order for you to feed the big fish, it was entertaining for 2 minutes and then I wanted to move on. It was approx 20p for a handful of fish food, but surely this is not good for the fish when people are constantly feeding them all day?? right?? But even so I think the fish only get fed when the public buy the food as when I threw in the food the first time it was like a pack of zombies after fresh meat, the were fighting everywhere, some even being thrown into the air by the bigger ones.

The last part of the attraction had a monkey enclosure and Bird cages, again there were not maney there, and what was available to see, they seemed to sit right up the top of the cage so know one could see them, maybe they were frightened I dont know. But the best way to know what was in the cages was to look at the pictures and diagrams.

Overall a little disappointing, but I wouldn't have expected so much if I did not rad the website before as it is a bit over the top and false. This is more of a place for locals with families and small children as I think they are the only ones who would appreciate this place I noticed a few activities along the way for children. For me there needs to be some more love, attention and funding put into this place.

Plantasia Botanic Garden
Oasis Park, The Piazza
Swansea City, Wales
01792 474 555


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