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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by louisechackett on October 27, 2012

Nando’s is one of my favourite places to eat but I think I was a bit of a late comer to it to be honest as my friend used to regularly rave about it and I had never been. One day before we went to the cinema we went to Nando’s in the Printworks in Manchester and I have since been to this particular restaurant a few times now as it is really conveniently placed for when I see a film at the Odeon cinema as it is literally just across the way.

You can find this Nando’s at:

The Printworks
27 Withy Grove
M4 2BS

The opening times are as follows:

Opening Hours
Sun 11.30 - 22.30
Mon - Thu 11.30 - 23.00
Fri & Sat 11.30 - 00.00

**What is Nando’s and what do they do?**

Nando’s is basically a Portuguese style restaurant which offers mainly chicken but some vegetarian options as well along side their peri peri sauces to give it a bit of a kick.

Starters at Nando’s aren’t something I like to buy as I find a main meal fills me enough but you are able to get small items such as dips and pitta or a bowl of olives for around £3.50.

There are various options on the menu but a main course can set you back around £7 to £15 depending on what you order. You are able to have things such as chicken in a pitta, wrap or a burger or those that don’t eat meat are able to have mushroom and halloumi, bean or veggie burgers. There are options to have just one side or two with your main meal as well as a platter which would feed a couple of people providing that you can all agree on how spicy you would like your chicken.

The desserts at Nando’s cost around four pounds and are the standard items such as cheesecake or chocolate cake and cream. The portions are large should you have room after you have finished your main meal!

Children are catered for with a Nandino’s menu and they can choose from a burger, chicken breast strips or wings as well as bean or veggie burgers and chips. They get a dessert of an ice lolly or frozen yoghurt for a reasonable £4.25.

**Nando’s the Printworks**

This particular restaurant is quite a good sized one but because of its location in a busy area in Manchester which is filled with bars and also has a cinema I have found that every time I visit this one it is very busy. When I have tried to reserve a table here on a weekend we have been told that you cannot do that but whether this is just for tables of two I am unsure to be honest.

There is a small waiting area for people to sit whilst waiting to be given a table and I have to say this area could do with being a bit bigger to be honest. There is just a long wooden bench and as many people have been shopping prior to coming to Nando’s it can get crowded quickly and you will find yourself just queuing against the wall and moving down to the bench as and when people are seated.
There are a lot of tables and I will say that I have never gone here and been told there is going to be an hours wait for a table or anything but I have waited around half an hour for one. There is also an upstairs seating area which I have ended up being seated at on a couple of occasions and I have to say that I prefer it upstairs as there is a till for you to place your order and pay for your food but it is just a bit smaller up there and so there is less noise and general hustle and bustle.

The staff at this Nando’s have always been pleasant when I have been and will be efficient in accepting your order at the till and will always pop along and ask if everything is ok with your meal. I come to expect this now from Nando’s staff as they all seem to be trained to do this but I think some staff see it as a chore and that is evident but I have never experienced that in this one.

The food is of course pretty standard across Nando’s and I have only ever had the chicken breast burger with fries and a drink when I have been to this restaurant but I have found that even in busy periods there is never really a long wait for your food and I love that you can go to Nando’s here, pay as you order and then know you have no worries waiting around for the bill or anything which is ideal when you are going to be heading to the cinema afterwards which is what I usually do after being here. The food is always hot when it arrives too and I think should there be any issues the staff would be more than willing to help you out.

The toilets in this restaurant are fine and whilst it is always busy I have never had a long wait in the toilets as there are a good few cubicles and they have always been well stocked with toilet rolls. There is always soap to wash your hands with and a mirror too for if you want to touch up your make up here.

I would certainly recommend visiting this particular Nando’s because it is in a prime location in Manchester and it is ideal for either when you are going to the cinema or for a meal before heading off for drinks in the Printworks in my opinion.

Thank you for reading my review!
Unit 13, The Printworks, 27 Withy Grove
Manchester, England
0161 385 8181

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