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In the immediate vicinity of the Hermitage Amsterdam is paid parking (limited) possible. The nearest parking lots are those of the Music Theatre, Parking Waterlooplein in Valkenburgerstraat and Markenhoven in Anne Street, near the entrance of the IJ tunnel.

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch artist who was born and raised in the Netherlands. Many people are familiar with the fact that he has cut off his earlobe. Van Gogh had a peculiar way of painting and was a complex person. He didn’t only cut off his ear but also treatened to murder his friend and was locked up in a psychiatric ward for treatment. There are sometimes stories circulated that Vincent in his whole life had sold only one painting. Vincent van Gogh killed himself in France by shooting himself with a gun.

You enter the main entrance and buy a ticket when after that you are freely to wonder around the museum and enjoy paintings of van Gogh and other artists. There are over three floors and on the ground floor that the most famous works of the artist. Further in the museum are paintings of him of the later years. For people with walking difficulties there are elevators to move around. At every painting there is a description of who painted the picture, when and what it is about.

The staff is very pleasant from the beginning at the ticket booth, troughout the museum and in the restaurant. If you have any questions they are more then happy to help you. The guards can be sometimes a little strict if you get too close to a painting but I can imagine why.

At the museum is also a shop were you can buy several souvenirs. In the museum are several toilets. The toilets that I visited were clean.

When you are in Amsterdam the National museum is really something you have to visit. The works of the artist van Gogh are truly beautiful. I enjoyed the layout of the museum and the museum wasn’t too busy to really enjoy the paintings.

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