Going to Starbucks

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on October 26, 2012

Starbucks has been around for many of years and really put themselves out there as the number one coffee brand. Not only in America but troughout the world more and more Starbucks coffee shops are opening. The dark green logo is truly an integral part of most American cities and thus one to visit when you are on holiday.

Although it suprised me to see a Starbucks outside of America a few years ago, now it’s certainly nothing new. You can go to Bangkok or Amsterdam and find several in the city. What I love is that the staff has to speak English and the menu is mostly the same. Also the way they prepare the coffee is the same, guarantering the quality of the coffee which is very important.

As I was in America I surely made quiet a few visits to Starbucks. The set up is always the same and you can order at the beginning of the counter and then go to the register while the staff is preparing your coffee. When you paid you get your receipt and you can go to the end of the counter were the coffee is normally ready within the minute depending on what you ordered. I love how they sometimes sound your name and before you walk off with a delicious coffee.

Starbucks doens’t just offer coffee but they have expended there products and offer juices, water, patries and sandwhiches. I have to say I find most products overpriced and normally just stick to coffee.

Starbucks is certainly one of my favourite brands and even now writing about it makes me graving for a cup of coffee right now!
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