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Whenever my friend and I go for drinks in Manchester the first place that we start is the Hard Rock Café simply because we love the cocktails that they serve! There is a whole lot more to the Hard Rock Café than the cocktails though and so I thought I would review it today.

The Hard Rock Café is situated in The Printworks in Manchester City centre and you cant really miss it as there is a huge illuminated guitar on the outside of the building which highlights that the Hard Rock is inside. There are often bouncers on the door of the Hard Rock simply because this is a popular spot for people to go for a drink and obviously they need to check ID from people. They always open the door for us as we go in and I would presume they do this for everyone as opposed to just ladies but who knows!

As you enter the Hard Rock Café there is a small section in which they have some Hard Rock merchandise such as t shirts, hoodies and other such items. This I guess is because of the fact that tourists visit Manchester and some people do see the Hard Rock as a place to visit as an attraction. I have been to the one in London but my friend has been to many around the world as she loves her rock music.

Inside the Hard Rock Café there are masses of rock memorabilia scattered around on the walls and even as someone who isn’t a rock fan as such it is interesting to look at the things that decorate the café such as guitars from famous musicians which adorn the walls. There are seats around the sides of the Hard Rock Café but to be honest more often than not it is difficult to get a seat as it is a very busy place and it has always been full on every occasion that I have been. Cocktail menus are scattered on the tables for you to browse if you do find yourself lucky enough to find a seat.

The bar is quite a long one and the staff are always good at their jobs and so even if you are ordering cocktails you shouldn’t be waiting too long to get your drinks. What I love about the Hard Rock Café is how the staff behind the bar really put some effort in to making the cocktails and it reminds me of a scene from the film Cocktail if I am honest! There are menus at the bar too for you to browse the cocktails but you don’t have to stick to cocktails as they serve the usual beers, spirits and wines. I particularly like the Bahama Mama cocktail which is quite fruity and tropical. Cocktails cost £5 or £6 per drink in the Hard Rock and whilst this is average I do think it is easy to drink them quickly and spend a lot in here.

There are televisions behind the bar which are always showing music channels and of course the music featured is pretty rocky. On a Friday night there is live music on in the café and this is always a busy night I have found but to be honest Saturday night is just as busy as you can often find hen and stag parties in the Hard Rock. Whilst I am not a rock chick by any means I find that I get consumed by the business and vibe of the Hard Rock and I always enjoy drinking in here.

You can also come to eat at the Hard Rock Café in Manchester and there is a separate eating area which is up a few steps and the people eating are kept away from those just having a drink which I think is important to be honest. Every time I have gone to eat at the Hard Rock I have enjoyed the food and will say that they are massive portions on your main meal but you will be looking at eleven or twelve pounds for a main course and so it is not a cheap place to eat at all. There are always long waits for tables as well unless you have booked in advance and so I would fully recommend booking a table which you can do on the Hard Rock Café Manchester website for certain times and days and you will then get priority seating so you don’t have as long of a wait.

The toilets in the Hard Rock Café are a good size really and I have never had to go in and wait for a long time before I can go to the toilet. They have a huge long mirror running along the long sink as well which makes it perfect for girls who want to touch up their make up and so you may find yourself queuing more for the mirror than a toilet! Despite the Hard Rock always being busy I do think staff keep on top of things and so whilst they may be a little messy sometimes it is nothing compared to some of the toilets I have seen!

I would totally recommend visiting the Hard Rock Café in Manchester should you be in the area as I think it is a great place to start off your night, have a meal and a few cocktails before heading to the hustle and bustle of Deansgate to carry on your night out!

Hard Rock Cafe Manchester
Exchange Square
M4 2BS

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Hard Rock Cafe Manchester
The Printworks, Exchange Square
Manchester, England, M4 2BS
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