Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by dkm1981 on October 25, 2012

There are lots of rides throughout Universal Studios that are suitable for kids and that they will love, but this area, as you would expect is entirely geared towards younger visitors. There are things that will appeal to all ages of children and the characters featured here include Woody himself, Curious George, ET and Barney.

As seems to be the theme in this park, there are a couple shows you can watch, the first one features animal actors although we didn’t watch it because there were only four show times on the days that we were there and none of them suited our timetable. I imagine that there are more shows in the busier summer months. There is also a Barney show but since it is advertised as a sing along, clap along walk in the park we decided that we were probably a little too old for it.

We did have a go on Woody’s Nuthouse Coaster, mainly because there was no queue. It has only a 36 inch height restriction, which tells you just how tame it is. Young daredevils will love it though and there are puzzles and things to complete in the queue which is quite good.

We also went on the ET ride which basically involves you sitting on a flying bike and helping ET get home. Again it is a fairly tame ride with 34 inch height restriction, but it is very pleasant and you wait in line in the forest which is pretty funky.

Finally in this zone there are a couple of themed play areas featuring Curious George and a character called Fievel, who is a mouse that I have never heard of! The whole zone has been planned for children very thoughtfully and it is lovely and bright and very engaging.

To complete the theme, there are plenty of places to get brightly coloured sweets and drinks or a souvenir featuring your little ones’ favourite characters.
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