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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest and one of the important art museums in the world. You can then also not been to New York without having visited this museum! It is not for nothing that the museum receives five million visitors yearly.

The museum has 17 different departments in exhibitions (and even then the roof and special exhibitions). I've seen everything, but it’s so much that you sometimes don’t really have the time to enjoy it all.

Arms and Armor is an exhibition where you can see different weapons. It contains more than 14,000 objects, some of which kings and princes are used (such as Henry VIII of England, Henry II of France and Ferdinand I of Germany). For me these pieces seemed to come mainly from the Middle Ages. The largest room of the exhibition houses a group of riders in full armor, both horse and rider. Very impressive because they are so incredibly great! Another special exhibition is the American Wing. Here you will find several rooms that are decorated in the style of the colonial era. Some of these rooms are really recreated from existing houses. The entire interior comes from over there, like the Williams house (in Richmond) or the Hewlett House. I found very beautiful and special to these rooms to see. The furniture has a style that we really do not know anymore.

Also in the Medieval art (medieval) it sometimes seems as if they have made a church after. You walk through a magnificent portal inside and you will see different ecclesiastical objects. As a couch and an altar.

The Egyptian Art section is an immense temple. Again you can, as discussed earlier chambers, catch up. The stones are well protected with glass to prevent people with their hands the stone damage. Yet it is really impressive because you texture and paintings really good to see. Also the fact that you just in the middle of a temple is particularly especially when you consider how they have been inside?!? These stones are really great and I also really heavy. That you really do not just push a wheelbarrow inside though!

Incidentally, the entire Egyptian art collection impressive. It contains much more than just mummies. It contains more than 26,000 objects from the Paleolithic to the Roman era. You can find sacarbeen and several other burial objects. There is much information on who these objects have been and what they have served. There are also some small pieces temple where you can walk. But those are not nearly as impressive as the aforementioned temple. However, this gives a good picture of the beautiful paintings that they made in these temples.

The exhibition least I found (personally) that the Greek and Roman objects. Although I am very interested in this time! In this exhibition spaces seem just filled up with images and a (smaller) number vitriennes that cluttered with several smaller objects. This exhibition was I okay to just by walking, but by the arrangement I had no desire to take a stand watch or go read what it was. It seemed a bit of a mess, there was not really a storyline in. According to the signs were the objects of a later period, but information which I could see was not given. A shame because that's exactly what I had found interesting. In my view, this exhibition have been more fun if they like the other exhibits things had recreated. Why did they not here garden with all images in it? That could well have been really cool!

What we had underestimated this museum! We went here around noon to go because we had estimated around 4 hours to have everything here to view. So it is a very large and giant museum. This actually fits beautifully in New York, everything in that city seems huge and gigantic to be. The museum by the huge and varied collection really make a lasting impression. When I was a few hours in the museum walked around I was shocked because I actually really so few had seen several exhibitions (as pale as I looked at my ticket), while I do objects have visited! For me this was actually pretty intimidating. So it's good to have you there in advance to prepare (something we had not done so in total). Also you must make proper arrangements when someone goes. Each has its own pace when viewing objects. Some walks quickly through the museum, terwjil someone else rather everywhere remains calm. For those in the middle attack is more likely that they remain at the objects that really interest them. In that case it may happen that the interest of the person with whom you are going to differ. If the other person can go through each other quite lost in this museum. It is so big that you really Neit longer know where to begin searching. We had no agreements, which we sometimes half an hour to one another in the search were (before we meet again usually found). It is better for a time and point to agree that you both go then come to discuss how to proceed. This saves an enormous amount.

A great grand museum which you one day (or even two) to take off to visit. If you have not then you really need to prioritize what you want to see the collection.
Metropolitan Museum of Art
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