Other Areas of the Park

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===Toon Lagoon===

This is the second of the worlds if you walk round the park in a clockwise position and features characters mainly from Popeye. It is very brightly coloured although it is quite small and there are only three rides between the shops and themed street decorations. The first ride, Me Ship, The Olive is one that will appeal to younger visitors, although it is not so much a ride as a huge boat construction that you can wander round and play interactive games like shooting water canons and the like. The second ride is Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges and involves getting wet. Very wet in fact. To be honest I thought it was pretty lame and it just seemed to involve going round a series of very tame flumes and getting water dumped on you. It is good for younger visitors who like just a little bit of a thrill though it does have an over 42 inch height restriction. The last ride was undoubtedly the best and is called Dudley Do Right’s Ripsaw Falls. There was almost always a queue for this ride, even though we visited in the quiet time of October, but it is absolutely worth waiting for. You’ll get soaked (this seems to be the theme in this part of the park), but it is quite a long log flume type ride that has a couple of little dips and one big one. We thoroughly enjoyed this one.

===The Lost Continent===

This is a really small area and seems to be nothing more than a bit of a filler in the park to be honest. I’m afraid that I can’t really say much about the two attractions in this area because we didn’t go in them. Mainly because they never seemed to be open when we were passing through. The Eight Voyage of Sinbad Stunt show only takes places three times a day (at least it did at the time we visited, it may open more in summer) and Poseidon’s Fury is a guided special effects tour that we didn’t really fancy. We did though enjoy The Mystic Fountain which was a fountain in the centre that cracks jokes at passers by and squirts water at them – it was quite amusing to watch really.

===Seuss Landing===

Is the one area of the park that is entirely aimed at young visitors and features characters like The Cat In The Hat. There is a little merry-go-round which is (rather cleverly, I thought) Caro-Seuss-El and features a selection of Dr Seuss’ most popular characters. There’s a trolley ride that passes, very slowly, over the park and a couple of interactive play areas.

We didn’t go on any of the rides here but we did enjoy wandering round because it was a fun place to be and the shops all included a lot of bright souvenirs that seemed to delight the children that were in here.
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