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The kids and I had a fabulous time when visiting the Lake District. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places on earth it also has loads of things to do as a family even if the weather outside isn’t the best.

One of the places we visited was the Lakes Aquarium which is situated on the shores of Lake Windermere. We were staying in Windermere town and the aquarium is on the other side of the lake so it would be quite a distance if we were to drive. Luckily the Windermere Steamers go to the aquarium so it was an easy and pleasant journey to the aquarium on the boats across the lake.

I had bought our tickets online before arriving at the aquarium which makes it cheaper than purchasing them on the door. I paid £6.50 for my adult tickets and £3.95 each for both the children’s tickets.
To buy them on the door costs £8.95 for adults and £5.95 for children. The aquarium also has loads of different offers on such as combining tickets with the steamer tickets which can save you 30%. Unfortunately I had already bought our tickets before I found out about the combined tickets but I wasn’t too bothered as I thought that it was still good value for money.

The aquarium isn’t as large as some of the more famous ones and it doesn’t have the same level of unusual wildlife but we all found it to be fascinating and the kids really enjoyed themselves regardless. It was also a lot cheaper than the more famous aquariums so you have to take this in to account when visiting.

The aquarium is divided in to different areas and the largest areas are dedicated to British wildlife but there are a few areas dedicated to other parts of the world. There are fish from the Americas and the amazon. What I did find a little strange but absolutely loved was that there is a rainforest section with snakes and amphibians as well as some marmosets. These were very cute and not something we expected to see in an aquarium.

My kids favourite part of the visit was the otters. They were so playful and kept us entertained for ages. Unfortunately this seemed to be everyone else’s favourite part too and it was very crowded but well worth braving the crowds to see these cheeky chappies playing.

The underwater tunnel through the lake is a brilliant part of the exhibits and it was amazing to look up and see ducks diving above our heads. The other exhibits were interesting but nothing particularly out of the ordinary. What made this place such fun was that instead of just having tanks with fish swimming in them there were loads of interactive exhibits where the kids could join in and actually learn something whilst also having some fun.

The staff were also really friendly and helpful and they didn’t seem to mind in the least my kids harassing them with questions and they took time to answer them and show them different parts of the exhibits which we had missed. We were also in time to see a couple of the daily talks that the staff give in different areas of the aquarium and even I found these to be both entertaining and educational and I learnt a few things I didn’t know before going in to the aquarium.

I would highly recommend the Lakes Aquarium to people who are in the area and looking for a fun and interesting activity with the children. The aquarium itself doesn’t take that long to go around but because there is loads to see and activities for the children on the way round you can easily spend a good few hours in here with no problems. We spent over 3 hours in the aquarium and neither myself or the children were bored at any part and as it only cost me under £15 for the three of us I consider this to be really good value for money.

Onsite there is also a gift shop which sells the usual kind of thing at these places and is located right at the exit so that you have to pass through it to leave the aquarium which meant that I ended up having to buy something for the kids as we were passing through it. There is also a café onsite but we didn’t actually visit this so I can’t comment on the quality of the food served.

Opening times for the aquarium are 9:00am until 6pm every day of the week and the aquarium is open every day with the exception of Christmas day.
Lakes Aquarium
Lakeside, Newby Bridge
Cumbria, England, LA12 8AS
+44 15395 30153

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