Ristorante Casa Grugno

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on October 8, 2012

Taormina is a city full of life and the people are colourfull and full with passion. The little shops in the side streets are amazing and so are the restaurants in this town. We often go to Taormina because it’s not far from were we life and every time it amazes us. This time we went with friends who took us to this restaurant were they have been before.

The restaurant itself is located in a side street and there in a red brick building in the row of houses. It has a large window and some windows, which go out to the street. Above the entrance hangs a white sign with red letters, on which one can find the Kabuki lettering and learns that it is a restaurant. As soon as you come in the door, you see the treadmill, "embedded" in a kind of roundabout and covered with a roof, which extends longitudinally through the elongated space. Therefore, the tables are set up. There are about 8 tables (each with 2 or 4 chairs) right on the tape and each table has a small window towards the band, which you can defer.

Going all the way through to the end of the room, you pass at the right kitchen. If you go down the stairs here, one comes to the toilets. The restaurant is decorated with beautiful paintings and artistic fields on the walls, so that one feels really comfortable here. It is reminiscent of Japan and has always struck me as a good idea. The tables and chairs fit together and they are comfortable.

In this restaurant you can mostly eat Sushi but there are different variations, but there are also other foods. Thus, there are also pasta, salads, fried crab meat, spicy chicken skewers, other chicken parts, spring rolls, mussels (the dinner buffet), tapioca pudding, this crab chips or deep fried shrimp. Of course there is then even something like wasabi, baked bananas and seaweed salads. The choice is that it is actually a sushi bar is great in any case. I especially always taste the kebabs or chicken pieces, as they are super flavorful. Moreover, they are not in too large portions, so that one of them is not right enough. Furthermore me the mussels and the fried shrimp and sea sticks taste very good. However, one has to say that fried food always fills you up quickly. Where tapioca pudding is a mixture of coconut and green tea, and of course the typical tapioca beads. Without eating such a pudding, we have left the Kabuki never - he is just too delicious.

It’s a wonderful little restaurant with outstanding food and something i can recommend to anyone.
Ristorante Casa Grugno
Via S. Maria dei Greci
Taormina, Sicily, 98039
+39 0942 21208


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