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I'm a person that loves anything spooky so after reading about different attractions within Edinburgh the haughty Edinburgh Dungeons certainly appealed to me. I loved the idea of live characters, for me it was going to like being in a creepy live play up close.

We booked our time slot for 10am and from our hotel getting to the dungeons was only a short walk, as it is right by Waverley Train Station. Walking up to the building it didn't really look as creepy as I thought it was going to be, however looks can certainly be deceiving.

The Dungeons also open at 10am the same as our time slot, we arrived bang on 10am and the door opened straight away. There was no waiting around at all, which was great for us as the weather in late September isn't the best. We received a warm welcome and were directed to the ticket booth.

First off we had our photo taken, I was in the stocks and my partner was given an axe! As the photo was about to be taken we were told to scream. This for me started to the tour off well, we both screamed as loud as we could and was given an around of applause for our brilliant effort. After our photo we were given a ticket number so we could collect our photo at the end of the tour.

At the ticket booth we handed in our printed tickets to the attendant, he was brilliant telling us about the tour and health and safety. Once finished at the ticket booth we were sent to the waiting room, where we would be collected to face our doom!

In the holding room it was themed brilliantly and very suiting in the style of the dungeons, it had posters of whom we would be meeting and gruesome tales that happened around Edinburgh. Only a few minutes wait in the holding room, and then we were greeted loudly by the Judge! We knew then that is tour wouldn't be for the faint hearted.

The dungeons are set in eight sections, the first one being the Judgement of Sinners. This is themed on the 17th century justice system. We were all seated in the dungeons courtroom, were the judge shouted at us for our crimes. There were a few guests, my partner being one of them that was singled out his crime was stealing underwear and his punishment was either death or being sent to Wales (he chose death).

Once the judge had finished with us we were all then sent to the next part of the tour which was the Torture Chamber . This where madam torturer showed us what torture was like on the Edinburgh Royal Mile. Again this room was themed to suit, the actor was brilliant and again my partner was picked for the women to show how the torture tools worked. Even showing one that used to castrate men, then giving us a little smile telling us they were available from the gift shop!

Now onto the third part of our tour, which also consisted of a little boat ride to our gruesome next destination. Sawney Bean Cave of the Cannibals! Riding down into the cannibals caves, in the dark we experienced many bumps along the way. There were screams, gust of winds, bits dangling down tickling your head. At the end of the ride we were greeted by Sawney Bean's children, telling us how much they will enjoy eating us! If you have even seen the film Wrong Turn, that is also based on Sawney Bean.

Okay half way now on the fourth part of our terror tour, Burke & Hare the Business of Murder. Burke and Hare were notorious serial killers and grave robbers. They used to sell the bodies for medical research that the doctors had a no questions asked policy! Burke & Hare came up with a way to kill their victims without their bodies being marked. They have themed an operation table and a graveyard, which was all rather spooky and jumpy too!

The fifth installment was Mary King's Ghost, based in 1646 at Mary King's Close on the Royal Mile. The streets were ridden with the horrid disease plague. A ghoulish figure appeared to tell us of the awful tales that happened there. For me this could have got the best performance award! Just a few minutes walk away from the Dungeons is also the real Mary King's Close!

Our sixth treat was William Wallace, whom I'm guessing most people have heard of due to the film of Braveheart. The tale was told of the size of William and how he came to meet his end, the female actor played out her character well. But for me for such a huge figure this was played down a little.

Seventh was the Drop Ride to Doom! This ride was our sentence at the gallows; we were all seated then raised up. At the top of the ride there was a video being played telling us of our sentence and we were all about to be hanged. Then all of a sudden with great speed we were all dropped!

Then Labyrinth of Lost Soul was our eighth and last instalment, it was a glass maze where we had to try and find the exit. For a few minutes we were walking around the maze, with no hope what so ever but then a door opens up into the photo booth and gift shop.

As we walked out of the maze we walked straight into the photo collection, there was two photos of us one on the ride the other at the start where my partner is about to chop my head off! We picked the photo we wanted and there was a different price deals. Ours came to £10 which was for a keying, magnet and large photo which was a good for the price in my opinion.

And then after the photo it was gift shop time! The gift shop on the hold is average size in term for a gift shop. Many gruesome items and novelties, all set out sell and not over crowed at all. We purchased some sweets and two mugs. The shop assistant was lovely, asking us if we enjoyed our time in the dungeons and wished us well for the rest of the day.

Price and Availability:

Buying tickets via their website certainly gives you the best deal. Door price is £16.20 per adult and £12.00 per child, however online you save £6.00 per ticket. So for me and my partner is only cost up £20.40 which for the time we had was a great price.

On there website they also do deal bundles with other places so well worth a look if you are planning a visit. Please check website for opening times as it changes through out the year.


On the hold I had a great fun time it lasted around an hour and thirty minutes, lots of drama, the actors did a brilliant job in their role play. If going to Edinburgh again this would be a place top of my list to go again. From this visit I would also be interested in visiting the other Dungeons too. Hope I haven't given too much away, a place well worth a visit!

The Dungeons do have disabled facilities but do only permit only one wheelchair at a time, there also toilet facilities if needed but no where to eat. However the Royal Mile just a few minutes walk from the Dungeons has plenty of places to eat.

There isn't a set age range really as child tickets start from the age of 4! I personally think this is more suited to 8 years and over.
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