Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on October 6, 2012

Wanting to enjoy a traditional German meal while being surrounded by the traditional atmosphere? Staff in traditional clothing and the whole inside feeling like you are sitting in a restaurant a few hunderd years ago. It’s a restaurant located in a small street with several small shops around. It’s a traditional street were this traditional restaurant certainly belongs.

We went to this restaurant were we stayed in Hamburg for a couple of days. Going out for dinner in a different city is always somthing fun to do. It’s a new surroudings, different people and mostly different food. When we saw this restaurant on the first night we were straight away attracted to it, but unfortenately it was fully booked. So we made sure we had a reservation for the next day so we could enjoy the food.

The food consists of typical German food like bratwurst and is something you don’t see that often anymore anywere else. Its the kind of food i truly enjoy as the meals like normally big and the taste is great. When we entered the restaurant the person who was there yesterday remembered us straight away and friendly asked us if we were enjoying the city. It was a very welcoming entrance and troughout the night the service was really good.

Most importantly the dinner was also great and not that expensive. We had a few glasses of wine and main meal and we had to pay around 50 euro’s which i thought was decent enough. We had a very pleasant night with great food and friendly service.
Restaurant Krameramtsstuben
Krayenkamp 10
Hamburg, Germany, 20459
040 365800

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