McDonalds, Rigby Road Leisure Park

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by louisechackett on October 3, 2012

My friend and I had taken our children to Blackpool a couple of weekends ago with the intention of spending some time in the arcades then going to Frankie and Benny’s for tea before driving through the illuminations. When we got to Frankie and Benny’s at 7.20pm we were told that we would have an hours wait just before we were seated and it wasn’t fair to make the children wait around for an hour before eating as it was already way past their usual time of eating. When we saw a McDonalds just over the road we decided it would make more sense to go over there for some fast food before attempting the illuminations.


I would be quite surprised if anyone hasn’t heard of McDonalds and the food they do but just in case I will give a quick overview!

McDonalds is an American style fast food outlet which offers burgers, nuggets, chips and such like. The burgers offered do often include some limited edition specials but for the most part the menu is standardised and so you know what to expect no matter which McDonalds you visit.

==McDonalds, Blackpool==

The McDonalds we visited in Blackpool on this occasion is situated very near to Blackpool Football Club and can be found at the following address:

McDonald's - Blackpool - Rigby Road

On the occasion we visited it was quite busy as it was a Saturday night with the illuminations on but I wouldn’t like to see it on a match day because it was pretty horrible even on a non match day.

The interior of the restaurant was bright and modern with greens and oranges being used as a colour scheme alongside dark wood. What I didn’t like is that through the centre of the restaurant is a panel which whilst isn’t solid makes it very difficult to keep your eyes on your children at the table whilst you are ordering and this makes me uncomfortable especially when it is busy. As the restaurant was so busy we had asked our children to sit on one of the limited tables available to us so that we wouldn’t have to stand when we ate. A member of staff did approach the children and give them a colouring sheet and some crayons so this kept them busy whilst we ordered which I thought was helpful.

We had a short wait before we were served as there were a lot of people wanting to order as well as a busy drive through window too. At the counter I ordered a big mac meal which comes with fries and a drink and I ordered a happy meal with chicken nuggets for my son which comes with the same. We also ordered two McFlurry ice creams for after our meal. The meal came to around £9.00. The girl who took my order did seem a little flustered and forgot to give me my drink and I hadn’t noticed initially and so when I returned for it she did seem a bit put out but sorted it out quickly for me.

The food was hot enough but not too hot that you couldn’t eat it and the area with paper napkins, straws and salt was well stocked despite being busy. A member of staff was walking around clearing some trays that people had left and tending to full bins so they did seem to be on top of things there despite it being pretty busy.

The toilets were fine to use and clean but being busy there was a wait to use them but it wasn’t too long a wait thankfully.

I would probably visit this McDonalds again if I was in the area as it was a pretty standard experience to other McDonalds I have been to but I just wish it wasn’t as busy as this does detract from enjoying the experience really.

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McDonald's Rigby Road
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