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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by RLB2 on October 2, 2012

This has to be one of the cheapest things to do in Hong Kong and is on par with the Staten Island ferry in New York for the view it gives you of the city. It only costs $0.28 for the upper deck, which is what we did after a guidebook recommendation to avoid the lower deck if we didn't want to be packed in and gassed with noxious diesel fumes. We timed our ferry ride so that we could be on the other side of the bay to watch the light show that takes place every evening. In fact we found out later on that the ferry that leaves just after 8pm actually stops in the middle of the bay so that tourists can watch this light show.

If you can't make the evening ferry crossing it is still worth doing this short crossing across Victoria Harbour for the views of Hong Kong centre, which are spectacular. Unfortunately due to land reclamation the crossing only takes 10 minutes now, but you can't really find a cheaper thing to do in the city. We didn't have to queue to get on the ferry, we just turned up at the Ferry Pier on Kowloon Point, paid our fare and we were on the next sailing. If you're going in the evening take a wrap or something to cover your shoulders while on the trip as the wind off the harbor can get a little bit chilly. We easily got our seats on the upper deck and just sat back and relaxed while watching the panoramic view unfold in front of us.

We stayed for a short while to watch the light show on the other side and then just hopped back on the next ferry and headed home. All in all a fantastic way to spend an evening at sunset and for less than the cost of a beer! What's more when you get to the other side you can watch the spectacular Symphony of Lights show, which is free and incorporates 44 buildings along the waterfront. It's a smorgasboard of lasers, lights and fireworks that must be the most ecologically reckless thing I've ever seen.....but it was pretty awesome and if you're there you might as well go and watch it because it's going to be happening whether you're there or not!
Star Ferry
Victoria Harbour
Hong Kong and Kowloon
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