Saying Goodbye to the Gang at Chef Mickey's

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by megnews on October 1, 2012

This was our goodbye to the World breakfast and it didn't disappoint. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

We had a 10:30 reservation and got there about 15 minutes early. We had our pictures taken right away and our pager went off before we could even sit back down again. My husband rated this our best meal. He really loved the grits. My kids liked the donut holes and the fact that there were apples. They just love apples. Other than that it was what you would expect from a breakfast buffet except there was a lot more cold cereal choices here than I noticed anywhere else. We had time to eat before the characters got to us which was really nice. Then they came one right after the other. Donald & Goofy were very playful with each other and with the kids. If I tried Chef Mickey's on another trip, I think I'd try dinner, though since my husband likes getting some breakfasts in I may lean toward trying Cape May.

Ah, I almost forgot, the kids, especially my son, were thrilled to be so up close and see the Avengerail ride through every 15 minutes or so. (You may really feel like Cinderella in this restaurant. Since the monorail goes through, there were a few birds at the ceiling.)

Afterward, we took 1 last ride on the monorail to MK, then a bus to AKL to wait on Magical Express. Chef Mickey's was the perfect ending to our trip.
Chef Mickey's Restaurant
Disney's Contemporary Resort
Orlando, Florida
(407) WDW-DINE

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