The best thing I ate in Paris

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by artslover on September 27, 2012

L’Arpege is one of Paris three Michelin starred restaurants. It is a bit unusual because the chef emphasizes vegetables, although he also serves meat.

The restaurant is located in its own space near the Rodin Museum and Les Invalides. While there are starched white linen table clothes and bath towel sized linen napkins on the tables set with crystal and silver, the overall feel is not too formal nor up tight.

The service is very French formal with each course delivered with serious politeness but the servers were friendly and helped some of us along with our French language struggles.

We were able to order both tasting menus and a la carte at our table which not every restaurant will allow. The dishes themselves were stupendously good. Because of the emphasis on vegetables, the menu changes to reflect what is in season. The care in choosing the ingredients shows through. The most delicious thing I ate in two weeks in Paris, where the food is often beyond delicious, was a tomato salad. The fullness of the flavours was incredible.

Dining at L’Arpege was an event. Our lunch took over four hours. Very expensive but so worth it.
L' Arpege
84 rue de Varenne, 7e
Paris, France

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