Innovative sushi

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by artslover on September 27, 2012

Since Boston is a port city with access to lots of fresh seafood, we thought we'd give sushi a try while we were visiting. A review of websites suggested o ya as one of the best sushi places in Boston.

It is located in the Leather District near the South station for the train, bus and subway. There are a lot of other restaurants and bars in the area which is not far from what seemed like a lot of office towers.

The restaurant itself is not large but was filled and kept the many servers busy.

Our reservations were at the sushi bar which allows you to watch the sushi chefs prepare your dishes as well as others. There is also a kitchen area where cooked items were prepared and brought out to the counter as needed. We could see that everything was made individually and nothing was cooked or sliced in advance. Very time consuming but also made everything very fresh.

We opted for the smaller of the tasting menus. Still, that included 17 different items some of which were very untraditional, others more traditional but with a twist. The sushi included truffle and foie gras and other not usually seen ingredients. One came topped with squid ink foam. Despite the unusual results, the taste was fantastic.

The meal was quite expensive even discounting the imported beer we tried with the sushi, but the experience was well worthwhile.
O Ya
9 East St
Boston, Massachusetts, 02111
(617) 654-9900

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