Kreuzenstein castle

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Kreuzenstein Castle - the former medieval castle complex in Leobendorfe, Lower Austria. During the Thirty Years War, he was blown up by the Swedes. Today, in its place is the reconstruction of the late XIX century.
The castle is located 17 km north of Vienna on the left bank of the Danube. On the opposite bank of the river is located Grayfenshtayn castle.

Kreuzenstein castle located near Vienna. Traveling in the direction of Korneuburg-Stockerau and after 15 minutes was there.
The castle is a huge collection of weapons, knights' hall, a medieval kitchen.
Hours of operation:
From April 1 to October 30: 10-16. On Sunday, the castle is open from 10 to 17.
The excursion lasts 45-60 minutes. Photos inside the castle can not. Near the castle there is a restaurant.
Visit to the castle is possible only with a guided tour
Adult: 10 €
Adult in a group of 20 people: 8 €
Children (6-16 years): 5 €
It is also possible participation in falconry.
Castle Kreuzenstein
Korneuburg, Lower Austria

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