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Ateneo di San Basso. Venice.

For my recent trip to Venice I was looking for something that would be quite cultural and in keeping with the classical theme of our weekend away. I searched the internet and came up with a classical concert right in the heart of Venice at the Ateneo di San Basso right next to the Basilica San Marco. Our hotel was about five-ten minute walk from St. Marks Square and our friends were staying in another hotel five to ten minutes from St. Marks in the opposite direction so we wanted to base our activities on our first day around this area. (Actually during the day we went off to Murano and ended up in Duorodoro but it was all more or less in the same area).
According to some directions and maps on the internet it was actually quite difficult to determine where the venue was but if you stand in front of St. Marks Basilica look at the great cathedral and the building is actually to the left hand side, opposite the side entrance to the basilica. Some maps said it was to the rear of the Basilica, some maps suggested it was well off St. Marks square which left us a bit puzzled.

The Church of Ateneo di San Basso.

The Church of San Basso was one of the oldest churches in Venice built in 1076 but destroyed several times during its lifetime and the final building that we see today was built in 1665. In 1810 it was closed by the French, deconsecrated and then used as a marble and art workshop restoring precious pieces of art and statues for the Basilica San Marco which is directly opposite. It has been used as a conference and exhibition centre and since 2002 it has been used as a concert venue for the Virtuosi di Venezia (San Marco Chamber Orchestra) who performs Vivaldi’s Quattro Stagioni and Mozart’s operas. The hall is exactly the same size of the hall that Vivaldi used to perform all his concerts at the Conservatorio dell’ Ospedale della Pieta.

Buying the tickets.

I bought the tickets for the four of us a month or so before we left for Venice. The tickets were 25 Euros per person. We had to print off our order form and present it at the Venue. We went to the venue first thing on the morning of the Concert and the lady at the door told us that the sheet we had printed off was enough and just present it to them before the concert began. We then went off and did other things for the day returning in the evening at 20:20 as the concert was due to start at 20:30.

We presented the sheet to the lady who in return gave us a programme. When we found our seats which are not allocated I started to read the leaflet and order of the programme and was really pleased to read that we were going to be treated not only to the four seasons but to some of Mozarts work too. This was not to be the case it was only the four seasons as advertised unfortunately. However it was really quite good and the acoustics in the building were excellent for this concert of baroque music. There were six musicians performing on three violins, a viola, cello and double bass. The sounds were perfect and no one could have been disappointed with the concert. The lead violinist got a standing ovation and they performed the last movement one more time.

My thoughts.
I am really pleased that I had booked this concert which we and our friends really enjoyed. Although it was scheduled mid-evening it actually worked out quite well for us as it fitted in with all the things we wanted to do during the day. We had an early dinner which took quite a long time to eat so we had to miss the dessert course but we made up for the lack of drink in a bar after the concert till well after midnight. I would definitely recommend this venue as we found it really nice and in keeping with the theme of the weekend soaking up the culture and beautiful art and atmosphere of the city. It seemed very appropriate to hear this performance of the Quattro Stagioni as Vivaldi wrote this work while he was working in Venice. I would rate it a five star performance and a five star Venue right in the heart of Venice.

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