Congealed beef meal deal

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by dangaroo on September 16, 2012

Squeezed into a row of restaurants and beauty clinics in Warsaw's upmarket area Saska Kepa comes this Asian restaurant called Liti, like the majority of Vietnamese/Chinese ventures in Warsaw, they serve up large portions of relatively bland food at cheap prices. Both my boss and coworker lauded the value to be found at this little restaurant, so it was only a matter of time before I tried it myself.

After negotiating the narrow passage between little wooden tables outside, I sat at one of the two small tables upstairs and perused the menu. Split into different sections based on the main ingredient - duck, chicken, beef, tofu, pork the meals were then accompanied with different sauces, which I imagine all taste rather similar. At the back of the menu are 5 meal deals, which include a spring roll, main meal, rice, side salad and drink for 18zl (3.50 GBP). Admittedly, this is fantastic value but it is only a touch cheaper than the norm.

My colleague opted for the fried chicken and rice, whilst I made a bit of a bummer by ordering beef which came in some kind of congealed slop that was supposed to be a sauce. Whilst waiting for our meal (which came rather quickly), I had time to check out the toilets and see what was going on downstairs, a narrow staircase led to a similarly tight room downstairs where a few more tables were bunched up.

The staff were friendly and even made a point of telling us when a table was available outside, my colleague thoroughly enjoyed his chicken and kept comparing the price and size of the portion preferably to that fast food stalwart KFC. I concurred that the spring roll was rather tasty but could barely stomach the beef meal, which was so thick that it would barely seperate, I was under the impression that I could pull the whole dish off my plate with one spoonful! Apart from the odd texture, there was also a distinct lack of flavour, other than being slightly salty, it really had very little going for it.

The cramped layout I can deal with and it's very cheap and a good place to get served quickly. It's not all bad and I'm not going to write it off without trying a different meal, perhaps the much praised fried chicken will be a more enjoyable choice. Not at all the kind of place, you'd take someone on a date, this is very much a place for workers to pop out to quickly during the day. You'd be pushed to spend more than 25zl a head in this establishment.

At the time of writing, 5zl is about 1 GBP
Liti Kuchnia Azjatycka
Ul. Francuska 3a
Warsaw, Poland

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