A beautiful artisan store

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by SJGW on September 7, 2012

I feel very strongly about reviewing Jennifer's Hamam. The products are some of the best I have found, but what's more important, is the support given to 11 families of weavers. Weaving is a dying art, not only in Turkey, but around the world. To find hand woven products made from organic materials is a special treat and makes them very personal. As if this is not enough, there are also silk products made in the traditional way, starting with the amazing silk worm. These are also very beautiful and extremely desirable. You will not feel pressured into making a purchase, which is often the case in many other places in Turkey, however, once in, it is impossible to leave without something. Not only will you leave with something very special, you will be furnished with a new found knowledge of traditional weaving and its importance to local communities. Make the time to visit - you may think 1/2 an hour will do. Think again.
Jennifer's Hamam
Arasta Bazaar, No. 135
Istanbul, Turkey, 34400


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