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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by curtissinjapan@hotmail.co on September 4, 2012

Upon wandering away from The Blue Mosque, I came upon the Arasta Bazar. Funny enough, I had done some shopping research and wanted to visit Jennifer’s Hamam, but never thought I would find it. Since I was "lost", I thought, "what the heck, I’ll check out that shop I wanted to see."

Jennifer’s shops are not to be missed. Yes…she now has two! There is the original shop and just down at the end there is another one that looks quite similar. Make sure you look for the Canadian flags as they distinguish her shops from others shops trying to replicating her artisans' work.

Jennifer has beautiful towels, pestemals, scarves and robes (oh…the robes!!) that are made by hand in Turkey, by Turks, in the traditional way (about the only thing not Turkish about the textile process is the owner). All items are certified organic (anyone in the shop will be happy to show you the certificate).

Jennifer and all her staff are wonderful. I felt so welcomed in both shops. They will tell you all about the textiles they sell, including how they are made, the families who made/make them, what it means to buy them (as opposed to shops copying her items with automated machine). It is nice to go some place where they truly love the items they sell. There is no hard selling here, which is really a nice change when one is tired of hearing every line in the book on to come into a shop and buy, buy buy! Jennifer's Hamam is a very refreshing experience in a bazar setting!

You will not be disappointed in supporting this local artisan shop. The quality is top notch. It is nice to not only buy some wonderful things, but support a business with a great cause (supporting a dying local art/tradition).

Thanks Jennifer (and staff) for supporting such a great cause while providing wonderful souvenirs that will last a long time. Keep the tradition alive!!
Jennifer's Hamam
Arasta Bazaar, No. 135
Istanbul, Turkey, 34400


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