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On the first of two nights in Munich, we strolled through the city center of Munich and wondered where we should probably go eat. Our guide had available some tips, but everywhere we went, it was absolutely packed, which is certainly on a Saturday night no wonder. Finally, we passed the Viktualienmarkt and my husband said we could still go to the Pschorr, since he had heard that the Hacker-Pschorr is a very tasty beer. Here, too, was busy, both in the beer garden as well as indoors, but we still managed to get hold one table. Since we both beer and food tasted good, we went back the next night even same way again.

When you enter the Pschorr, one finds an ambience that I would describe as typical brewery. The furniture is made of light wood, there are many smaller and larger tables, but also higher tables with high stools
Pictures of The Pschorr, Altstadt, Munich
Between 19 and 20 clock very well attended .. or wall mounted benches where throw pillows are distributed. The tables are mostly rectangular, partly around and everything is pretty close together, which I also know of breweries in Cologne. Some tables are also in the corners and the two steps are accessible and the backs of some banks are also a kind of separation to the next table, so that one is located close to each other indeed, but just not cramped. Immediately striking is the high vaulted ceilings that are painted a light and give the room an airy effect. A staircase prosecuted to the upper area, a sort of gallery, where there are still some times tables. Also in the basement there is probably still rooms that can be rented for example celebrate. The heart of the guest room on the ground floor is certainly the big bar. Here is tapped continuously beer and transported in 0.5-liter jars on the tables. If Der Pschorr is crowded, it's here already too busy, but that's for me to a brewery so.

After all the beer you have at some point surely even visit the toilet. These are located in the basement and, when I saw this really can not be achieved without barriers. At least I could see no elevator. On the way down, which will result in the brewery cellar, there are some steps along the display cases with souvenirs you can buy. To the toilets is to say that they are present in sufficient numbers, and it is clean and modern places.

Overall, there are in my opinion the atmosphere in the Pschorr faulted. When it was empty later that night, I could take a few photos, or even before that, because the people are obviously intentionally blurred or only be seen from behind. I think the pictures give a good impression of the location.

The menu, which you can see by the way the Internet is quite extensive and is complemented by a special each day. Can be found on the map many dishes that you would associate with Bavaria or a brewery. Thus, there are of course pork, roast pork or snack Brettl, but also salads, soups, fish and two vegetarian dishes (cheese noodles or spinach dumplings). There is also the category of healthy cuisine. Behind this dishes prepared without carbohydrates and dairy products. So you do not necessarily eat calories. Since we were on vacation, and then you still want to try the local specialties, we used but rather in the category of pub classics. My husband ordered on the first evening, a half back of pork with potato dumpling and Bavarian-herb for 14.90 EUR. Gives the whole leg it for the rest for an extra charge. I opted for the chicken Schönacher, it is. Braised in red wine, triggered chicken legs with noodles and fresh vegetables for 15.90 EUR Both the chicken and the pork were very good. The meat was very tender inside and my vegetables were excellent, very crisp and fresh. On the second night I tried the small serving of roast pork with dumplings and bacon slaw for 9.90 EUR, as the portion of the night before had been quite large for my taste. The small portion size was quite enough for me and the taste could not be faulted. My husband opted for the homemade Pschorr beer bratwurst with potato salad and sauerkraut, which then made EUR 12.90. He too was good. The price for a main course start at about 8 EUR for homemade Bavarian cheese and go up to 38 EUR for the beef. Most of the dishes but move 10 to 16 EUR. This is for the quantity and quality of food is still okay, I think. However, it must be said that the drink prices are a little higher and you have to end up paying for it a not-so-invoicing. So taste a 0.5-liter glass beer proud 4.30 EUR. Although it tastes really good, but cheap it is not natural. A 0.25-liter water with 2.90 EUR suggests not just a little impact. Now Der Pschorr is centrally located and is safe even stop for many tourists (although according to the website also regularly come from Munich) and because of course you have to always expect higher prices. On vacation you look then also normally not so much on the price and if it tastes better.

As we dined on both nights that we were in the Pschorr Munich, we were allowed to experience the service twice. On the first evening, when it was significantly fuller than on the second, we were very quickly despite large crowds, but also serves really friendly. Once we were seated, we had menus in hand and were asked for our drink preferences. The two Hellen came very soon and when the glass was empty, it was also seen equally. If we had only been there that night, there would have been a perfect score for the service. But we were still a second time there. On the second evening serving us a young man, who was also responsible for the tables outdoors. Although it was on the night in total less busy, but still we had the impression that the young man was a little overwhelmed, because he noticed us until very late, and we he had repeatedly waving to order something and in the end a very long time wait for the bill. He also ran literally with glasses through the brew house and outside, and made a very stressful impression. Although he apologized at the end that it lasted longer, and he was all the time very friendly, but the impression is of course still a bit harried and does not contribute to comfort.

Whether Der Pschorr now, as it stands on the site really is equally focal point for visitors and Munich, as I can tell, of course not, but at least we did not have the impression that you are sitting just a tourist. The overall impression seemed authentic and the atmosphere is really nice. Everything we ate and drank was truly very good and the portions were a good size, some of it was even a bit too much for my taste. The prices are certainly not the best, but at the location of the Viktualienmarkt and the quality of food one can ever seem to forget about. The drinks are really expensive though. Served on both nights we were friendly, the service was perfect on the first night and the second is average to slow. From this I draw from each half a star for the service and the high price of drinks. Stay four out of five stars and a recommendation.

Der Pschorr
Viktualienmarkt 15
Munich, Bavaria, 80331
(49-89) 5181-850

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