Piramide di Caio Cestio

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When i think about a pyramid i believe it a burial site and surely will first think of Cairo, Giza and / or Egypt. Then I remember still the pyramid in Paris, which forms the entrance to the Louvre, but few are likely to come up with the idea to look for such a right in the city St in Rome.

But exactly where the steady Piramide di Caio Cestio that this same Caio Cestio in the years 18 - 12 was set up BC. It stands on one of the main streets of Rome when the port of Civitavecchia, and comes to the city of Rome would, so you will almost inevitably comes along to her. Geanu taken it brings together several major roads and the railway station "Stazione Roma Ostia" is very close.
In the year 12 BC Caio Cestio was buried in the 36.4 m high pyramid. She has a side length of 25.5 m and the grave chamber is located inside 4.10 x 5.95 m tall and 4.80 m high. The pyramid can be visited only on special guided tours, which has as one told me, because of the very special frescoes but worthwhile. The client, who was 11 BC praetor and tribune of the people, settled here after his death, as our tour guide said, "like a little Pharaoh" bury.

At the time, this was built as a tomb in Rome, other pyramids were built. As our tour guide told, it was the time when the Romans in Egypt and the wealthy Romans watched the "Pyramiden" from the ancient Egyptians. Today the Piramide di Cestius is the only one still exists.

Piazza Ostiense, accessible by metro or tram B 3rd The pyramid boundary on one side of the Cemetery Protestane. It’s worth to have a look!
Pyramid of Cestius
Near Porta San Paolo and Protestant Cemetery
Rome, Italy


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