Venetian -Prostitutes joint, racist staff, poor security, Noisy rooms.

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by on August 21, 2012

Big rooms, nothing else- No refrigerator, no glasses, no coffee maker, Noisy rooms, poor security, Hotel hounded by prostitutes all 24 hours in all common areas
We (family) ruined our holidays because of following reasons.
This hotel claims to be 5 star , but as per the surrounding, cleanliness it is not more than 3 star hotel as per international standard.

Rooms are fairly large, but they are too noisy all 24 hours due to heavy generators and air conditioner plants right behind, there is not enough insulation to protect occupants from noise in rooms- which are facing other side of strip.( see picture of noise level)

Rooms are dirty, there is no enough ventilation in washroom, Rest room Ventilation ducts are flooded with dust and also they are over aged, probably more than 25 years old design. ( see picture)

The hotel has very poorly trained, rude and arrogant staff. Some of staff are racist they behave indifferent with whites and the others. I had to see reception over 10 times to change to better room, which was finally not changed, but similar request from white supremacist were taken up with smile.

For any request or room service, it takes hours to get it done, that too you need to call few times. Room service is like calling call centers located outside city or outside country! The phone agents they hardly understand urgency of customer. I called dozens of times for basic services like Sugar , coffee or empty glasses, it took two hours on average, after nearly 5 calls.

Towels on swimming pool & room are torn and dirty, Not hygienic, Wonder how Health department of USA approve this hotel to be 5 star !!

Management or travel agents claims this as five star hotel, - but this hotel is missing basic things : Eg, there is no refrigerator which can be used, There is no pressing Iron , Iron board broken, Bed sheet too dirty, carpet with moisture. However hotel has lovely infra-structure, huge lobby but poor maintenance, Cleaning staff just update the reception through computer about cleaning, but in reality it is something else and manager believes what is in his computer and not willing to check things personally and in reality.

On the name of continental breakfast they just give you Tea, coffee, or Soda, one bagel, one Donut etc. No juice , no fruit.. Out of our little less than week's stay , twice they had watermelon ( one of cheapest fruit in diminishing American economy), They expect you to pay more by upgrading breakfast.

The best part rather worst part is that this hotel is not really good for family, as it is hounded by couple of 100 prostitutes /hookers ( too less for the hotel's claimed capacity of 7000 rooms !!) right after the breakfast. I was approached by couple of white call girls frequently with some interval, in common areas like restaurants, lobby, casino, swimming pool, even while I was walking with my wife or while playing in Casino. Informed security but they were least concerned.

Their swimming pool and other pool Tao Beach are packed with non-hotel guests for extra money and it is full of prostitutes, young punk , rowdy crowd. There are time when some party girls at Tao beach ( it is filthy little swim pool, not real beach) entrance behave in cheap way by pulling of their tops and indulging in public indecency and nudity.
( Security guys are hand in glove with rogue elements and prostitutes)
By All means avoid this hotel. This is not really worth a 3 star and not good for family. we ruined our holidays and wasted over couple of thousand dollar package.

Steer clear from this hotel. The noise level is so high , even in night it is close to 60db and 70 db ( see the file pic of db meter)
Rest room ventilation is so bad, never cleaned, it stinks.... I hate it. ( see picture.) - It was reported to manager but nothing was done. They just believe what is updated in their computer. Hell with customer, I got my money... This is the theme of this hotel.
Venetian Resort Hotel Casino
3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 414-1000

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