Graduation Treat!

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My family and I were coming back from Canada. We decided that instead of going to through New York to get to Connecticut again; we would go through Vermont. My wife wanted to go through Vermont, so we could visit Benn and Jerry Ice Cream Factory.

The ride to get down there was very long. I was tired and had done most of the driving from Montréal to Vermont. Even so, I noticed the beautiful scenery that Vermont had to offer. I could see why this state was called the Green Mountain State. With so many trees and mountains, I saw myself in constant wonder at how mother nature could give so much beauty. After taking in the scenery of Vermont, I noticed that I was getting sleepy, so I asked my wife to take over the driving to get us down to the factory.

She took over the driving. We continue to drive down to Waterbury, VT, and as we continue, my wife and I noticed that we were passing the city in Vermont that we first met. We passed Burlington. The city brought back many fond memories for my wife and myself.

We made it to the factory. The weather was very hot today, and I could see people running into the factory to escape the heat. We came out of our car and walked up a high hill; it seems that the factory wants people to work hard, so they can buy more of their ice cream products. We came in, and we were kindly greeted by the hostess. With a nice smile, she told us the costs- $5 per adult while children were admitted in without no costs. My wife had Pintrest on her smartphone, and she could find a coupon to allow her to get in for free. I had to pay for just myself which was $5. Our hostess told us about the tour, and who would give us the tour. We had to wait, but it did not take to long before our tour guide came out.

She came out already she was beginning to tell cheesy cow jokes. Obviously, the cow is what keeps the factory alive and running. She would direct us through the factory; she would tell us the history of the Ben and Jerry while sprinkling a few more cow jokes along the way. The factory is surprisingly enough not big, so the tour did not take too long to go through. That was great because we had kids who were about to lose their minds if they did not receive their ice cream. As we came into the area where we would receive our ice cream, our tour guide would continue to give interesting history about the factory, and its ice cream products. For example, I would learn that the company pays its providers from around the world a fair wage. Also, she told us about how people can ask for retired flavors through their website, which was cool because many people during our tour were asking about popular flavors that they could not receive anymore.

We received our ice cream sample. They were very delicious. My kids sucked up the samples like they were breathing in air. I thought the ice cream was delicious that I decided to take a second one (They had so many for the tour that they were begging for people to eat all of the sample).

We finished the tour and decided to purchase some souvenirs. My older daughter wanted ice cream, but we saw the line that was very long. I decided that we shall come back another time when the line is not out into Interstate 95. Overall, the factory tour is worth visiting for a reasonable price. Families will enjoy this tour and will enjoy the ice cream sample. Worth visiting!
Ben and Jerry's Factory
Route 100 North I-89 Exit 10
Waterbury, Vermont
(802) 882-1240

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