Good food, great beer!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by zabelle on August 16, 2012

Our dinner schedule had been arranged for us and the first night we were expected at the Cape Ann Brewing Company. We got off to a shaky start, when we arrived everyone just looked at me with a blank look. ‘You’re a writer", we’re expecting you? " That made me feel welcome. We were shown to a table and left while the manager was called. Son of a gun, we were expected and here we were. The mix up was resolved and we set about looking at the menu.

This pub has a great location right on the harbor in Gloucester. There is outside dining but we were not offered a table outside, instead we sat at a picnic table inside and if it had gotten crowded the tables are communal. That’s a great way to make new friends when you are visiting a city.

The menu is as expected, pretty heavy on seafood and I asked our waitress what their most popular dishes are. She recommended the fish tacos, which is something I love and the steak bomb which obviously was right up Al’s alley. I wanted to sample a few appetizers as well and we ordered the stuffed clams and the Caprese salad.

Even though I can’t drink beer anymore I felt that in all fairness, Al had to taste the seasonal brew which was the Sunrise Saison. When I heard that it was flavored with strawberry and rhubarb I felt it was worth having to resort to Benadryl in order to taste it. It was lovely, light and yes fruity, I loved it and would certainly have downed a full pint if I was able.

The appetizers arrived and we were not blown away. The clams were more stuffing than the linguica that they were supposed to contain. The Caprese on the other hand was very good, the tomatoes and mozzarella were drizzled with a delicious balsamic reduction with tapenade on top.

The meals were much more successful. Our plates came heaped with food. The fish tacos, there were two on the plate along with a pile of good French fries. The tacos were stuffed very full which makes them a little hard to handle but the fish was crispy and the salsa and guacamole was tasty. Their coleslaw was also excellent, a sweet type without horseradish but good just the same.

Al’s steak bomb was aptly named; it was blown all over his plate. There was so much meat and cheese it looked like it would be impossible to eat using your hands. Good old Al is quite resourceful and somehow he managed to eat all the steak and cheese.

There is no way we could eat any dessert, we were both stuffed. It was not gourmet food but it was filling and plentiful and with the great beer, a perfect combination.

The atmosphere is typical of a pub especially one is a fishing town, lots of nautical notes. Service was friendly and we didn’t have to wait long for our food or our drinks and certainly the view is very nice.

Parking is however a nightmare. There is a parking lot next door which was full and this was not a weekend or high season. We ended up parking down the street in a bank parking lot and hoping we would not get towed.
Cape Ann Brewing Company & Brewpub
27 Commercial Street
Gloucester, Massachusetts, 01930

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