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My husband and I had a hotel reservation at The Mansion on O Street the night of his birthday August 4, 2012. The experience was horrific, unacceptable, and displeasing. During our SHORT stay at The Mansion on O Street; he came down with a sudden illness-strep throat to be exact and had to be rushed to the hospital at 4:30am Sunday by me. He was in perfect health before our arrival at The Mansion on O Street. He did use one of their cups for tea, soon after...he became progressively ill. The Mansion on O Street is quite dusty and dirty and CLUTTERED. During our stay we had requested food to be made by the in house chef, and the Hostess informed us that the chef on duty could not make us any food and suggested to have lunch AND dinner on my husband's birthday August 4, 2012 ordering out or walking to the nearest food venue. Yet The Mansion on O Street charged our card for food in the unauthorized amount of $35.00. There were also other unauthorized fees to our card. Also, while situating us in our room, the Hostess explained that the building is old and that we should not use the air conditioner and the iron at the same time because we will blow a fuse and the power will blow. In the middle of the night on August 4, 2012 between the hours of 10:00PM-12:00AM the power went out in our room and was out the entire night. We were not using the iron and the air conditioner at the same time. We were simply lying in bed. They admitted that a person in our hall blew a fuse-yet didn't restore our power or even have the decency to check to see if we had power after restoring our neighbor's. At 4:30AM I was awakened out of my sleep by my husband who was is severe pain and explained that his throat closing and explained that I needed to rush him to the ER. We were completely with NO power, and had to pack up in the dark. I had had less than 2% battery life on my cell phone and dialed every number that The Mansion on O Street had listed. Finally someone picked up and I explained to them that we still did not have power. Owner H Spero's response, "It was restored in the middle of the night." I explained to her that we still did not have power. Her response, "Well we can't restore it until 7:00AM." I explained to her that we had to leave immediately because my husband had to be rushed to the hospital. H said, "Oh my goodness." She had Ted, her husband and President of The Mansion on O Street come down to our room to give us a flashlight. We had to gather all of our belonging, two dogs, and pack in the dark because they claimed they could not restore our power until 7:00am!!! To speed the process up I attempted to use my dying cell phone as a light to pack to get out of there. As I picked the phone up from the table a COCKROCH had made it's way onto my cellphone, and crawled up my hand and arm. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE FULL correspondence BETWEEN TED AND MY HUSBAND via EMAIL PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE ON YELP AND I WILL FORWARD EVERYTHING TO YOU. We have no reason to lie. My husband is active duty US Military and ALL we wanted to do what enjoy his birthday. They do not want to refund our money hence offered a free night's stay to give to one of our Charities or friends. WHY ON EARTH would we want to do this? Perhaps to an enemy. They admitted to having water-bugs vs. cockroaches see for yourself: (From Ted Spero's email- H's husband and President of the Mansion: "To address your issues, our pest control company visited today and inspected the Safari Room and surrounding areas. We take reports like these seriously and fix any issues immediately. While there might have been a waterbug that you saw (which is horrible) the pest control guy found no evidence of bugs in the room or in the surrounding areas. He did treat the room and surrounding areas since you did have evidence of an insect. Thank you for this information." EW!still a bug.They blamed us for not finding and seeking them in the dark when we didn't have power in THEIR establishment, "To answer your question about one breaker tripping another one, I have never experienced that at The Mansion. When a breaker trips, it is an isolated incident. We do not have a central control center that monitors the breakers. There would be no reason for me to awake everyone in the house when one breaker trips to see if they have their power, (in this case at 12:30am) The two incidents were unrelated." THIS IS CRAZY! WE DIDN'T "Use the iron and air at the same time as they advised, yet on the phone admitted that our neighbor "tripped" the breaker. Oh..and we were still in the dark.They accused my husband of blackmail and questioned my husband's integrity as an Active Duty Military Service Member because they think that we are YELPING and using other social media to get a refund. WE DON'T even WANT ONE ANYMORE.STAY AWAY HEALTH DEPT SHUT IT DWN
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