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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Slug on August 4, 2012

Another super Central Amsterdam bar is the appropriately named In De Wildman; a place of mixed clientele all with the love of good beer.

This is another old building taken over by a bar; this time the original purpose of the venue was a distillery so it has at least had a common purpose for the last few hundred years.

Inside, the bar menu is a little confusing for those of us used to ordering in pint glasses. Here most of the drinks are sold in 25cl glasses (slightly less than half a pint). However, considering I felt bloated after a couple of days drinking "euro fizz" (and Amsterdam generally sells truly terrible lager), I was physically salivating at the thought of drinking a real ale.

I had a wonderful Oyster Stout which cost around 4 Euros for a little glass, while my second was a strong (and thankfully small glass) of 7% proof local Flying Dog Brewery IPA. Both were well kept, and the nice man at the bar brought them over to our table.

Inside there was no music playing meaning that the different nationalities in the bar could have a polite chat over their beer. I discussed respective brewing habits with two men, one from Switzerland, the other from Mexico; all in all a pleasant way to while away an hour or two.

In de Wildeman is very traditionally furnished inside with wooden floor boards and huge oak casks lining the back wall. There were old posters and dim lighting; all the better for making the experience seem much more illicit than it was when we had to shade our eyes when we left the pub in daylight. As the day was a hot one, more people were stood outside the bar than inside; the road is narrow and quiet and offered something of a party atmosphere.

Even though the nicer on tap beers at In de Wildeman are approximately twice the cost of your typical cheap Amstel, I completely relished the variety. Even our companion who has no interest in real ale enjoyed the bar and the different vibe of the place.
In de Wildeman
Kolksteeg 3
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1012 PT
+31 20 638 23 48


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