So Many Flowers...

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by CarolinaPanthers1983 on July 29, 2012

So many possibility of enjoyment. My family and I decided to come here after our disappointment with the Insectarium. We hoped that this tour will raise our spirits. It was a very nice day to be outside, even though it was a bit hot. We walked to the garden, and we were pleased.

Already I saw beautiful flowers. I enjoyed how this garden had many information about the plants, so I could tell which flower or plant was which. As we were walking in the garden, we noticed a playground. This was awesome because our daughters were tired of walking everywhere, and they wanted to find somewhere to play. My wife and I allowed them to play. This playground is very nice and well-kept. Moreover, the playground had many play sets that the kids could continue to play without having to compete against other kids to use the play sets. I saw a group of school children coming to play, and my daughters could continue to playing. Even though the group had many kids, my daughters continue to play peacefully. Another good feature about this playground was the numerous benches that anyone could sit down for rest.

After my daughters played for around 30 minutes, we decided to continue to explore the gardens. We walked to the Japanese exhibit. We went inside the building with this exhibit. Now, there was not a whole lot in this museum except Japanese clothing and other items explaining Japanese culture. We did not stay inside for too long, so we decided to go back outside.

Exploring the garden is awesome. This garden has so many different kinds of beautiful plants and flowers. In fact, this garden is huge that we would have to take all day to see the entire garden (That would not be a guarantee). We continued to walk where we saw this beautiful lake filled with big goldfishes. This lake was very peaceful and relaxing. I felt that I could stay out near this lake all day and take it in, but my wife wanted to keep moving (It was becoming hot and close to lunch).

We walked to the exit. As we walked to the exit, we saw the rose garden. We decided to stop here to take some great pictures of the rose garden. If there is anything that anyone visiting this garden should visit, it should be the rose garden. You will see some many beautiful roses that picture-taking worthy. Roses in different colors and different sizes. I felt like I was looking a beautiful rainbow while I was check out this part of the garden.

Overall, the Botanical Garden is a MUST visit. This place is wonderful for families. Many things to do and see. The price is affordable. Highly recommended!
Montreal Botanical Garden
4101 rue Sherbrooke Est
Montreal, Quebec, H1X 2B2
(514) 872-1400

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