Super Musée (Super Museum)!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by CarolinaPanthers1983 on July 22, 2012

My family and I made our first stop after taking our first ride on the métro to the Biôdome. We were very excited to come visit this place after reading many positive reviews from different traveling sites such as IgoUgo. When we arrived, I noticed that ALL of Canadian schools decided to take a school trip to visit this museum. We walked inside to purchase our tickets.

We came up to the counter to purchase our tickets. When you come purchase to your tickets, you will have the options of purchasing a family pass to see the Biôdome, Insectarium, Botanical Gardens, and the Stade Olympique. You can purchase a combination of them with children age 0-4 entering the museum for free and children age 5-17 entering with a discount. My recommendation is try to spend your money just on the Biôdome and the Botanical Gardens. I shall explain my reasoning why you should visit these two while avoiding Insectarium and Stade Olympique in other journals.

My family and I entered the museum. The museum has five different climates that represent the different climates of all of North and South America. We started with the tropical rainforest. We entered this area, and we felt immediately the heat and humid of a tropical forest. This area was very awesome to check out because I felt like I was in a tropical rainforest. Even though my family and I were enjoying this area, I noticed that I was bumping into many people like I was a ball in a pinball machine. The museum was so packed that my family decided to get through this part of the museum quickly to the next area.

We entered the Gulf of St. Lawrance exhibit. The second we stepped into the area, the temperature changed immediately. Instead of the heat and humidity, the area was cool. I must admit that I wanted to stay here in this area with the temperature in Montréal sitting around mid-80s. I enjoyed the design of this area because it was what I would expect to see if I was visiting the St. Lawrance. My children enjoyed seeing the birds flying around this area, but I wanted to move on quickly because I was scared a bird would send a poop bomb on me. We went to see a tank full of fishes. My family took a moment to sit and look this tank because it wasn't packed or booked. We enjoyed sitting and relaxing while watching the fish swim by us. As we continue to move through the museum, we saw penguins that were just relaxing. At this point my children was excited and love seeing the different animals.

The best part of this museum, especially if you have children, is how interactive the museum is for people. We made to this area of the museum that allowed people to play in the water. Being a very hot day in Montréal, my wife and I decided it would be a great idea for them to play in the water. My children took of their shoes and started playing. I could tell that this part of the museum was the most popular because how crowded it was. My daughters would play in the water and play under a fake cloud to replicate a rain cloud. After my children finished playing in the pool of water, they were given towels. They could use the towels to dry themselves off.

Overall, this museum is a MUST for anyone who visits Montréal. My wife and I enjoyed visiting here, and most important, my children had a BLAST visiting this museum. I know that we shall come back to this museum, but we shall ensure that we don't visit when all of Canada's schools decide to visit. Highly recommended!
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