A pyramid seemingly out of place

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When I heard that Rome had a pyramid as an attraction, I was a little unsure of what it was all about. Pyramids are generally better known for being in Egypt although there are more all over the world. As this was something slightly different to the other attractions in Rome, I wanted to see it, mainly because I have never seen one up close.

The pyramid is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in Rome due to its location in the city. Due to its size and place, roads were built around the pyramid and it now stands at a fork between two ancient roads. The pyramid was built between 18 and 12BC as a tomb for Gaius Cestius, hence the name of the structure. The size of the pyramid is 29.6 meters at the base and it stands 37 meters high. Before it was rediscovered, the pyramid was sealed shut and had no exterior entrance. Although not accessible to the public, the inside is a burial chamber.

Getting the to the pyramid is very easy. The site has its own metro stop, Piramide, which is on the blue B line. To get onto the blue line the easiest way is to change at the main termini station as most popular places are easiest to get to on the red A line. After you exit the Piramide station, you can easily see the structure right in front of you so at least it is not hard to miss. Also, as this is at the stop after Circus Maximus and the Colosseum, it is within walking distance of these other two top attractions.

Unfortunately, the pyramid is quite unimpressive. Made from concrete with white marble coverings, it gleams nicely in the sun but that is about it. The structure isn’t too large in size so even this wasn’t very impressive. While it was nice to look at, there isn’t anything else to do here and we stayed to look for less than 5 minutes. The trip down to the pyramid is quite a waste of time and should only be visited if you are close by anyway. I don’t regret going to see this because at least now I can say that I have seen a pyramid up close but I really wish that it had been something much more spectacular.
Pyramid of Cestius
Near Porta San Paolo and Protestant Cemetery
Rome, Italy


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