Edinburgh's Darker Side

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We recently had friends visiting so we decided to do something a little touristy and having heard a lot of good reports regarding the Edinburgh Dungeons we decided to head there. The Edinburgh Dungeons are brought to life by some witty, if not a bit cheesy at times, actor's who characters citizen's of Edinburgh from back in the day.

The tour started with being sat down in front of a judge who calls up various members of the audience to deal out some punishments. It highlights the sort of punishments that were dished out for a variety of crimes in the 17th century, such as witchery.

You are then taken through to a torture chamber where you are shown all the torture instruments of the day and when people say life is easy these days, they're not wrong going on some of the gruesome punishments that you could be faced with.

You then hop on the first ride, a boat to a cave where a family of cannibals live. This wasn't a white knuckle ride by any means, but anyone of a nervous disposition, a trip to the Dungeons probably isn't for you. Things dangling down, brushing your face. Although there is no contact from any of the actors.

After a brush with the cannibals it's off to learn about Burke and Hare a tale I am sure you are all familiar with before heading off to meet the great William Wallace.

The tour ends with the main attraction which is a ride, which is supposed to simulate you being hung. You are all strapped in and the ride slowly moves upwards, it's all nice and dark and you are held at the top for a few moments before being dropped to your 'death'! A picture is taken at this point which you can buy from the gift shop on your way out.

It costs £16.20 to get into the Edinburgh Dungeon which is maybe a little bit pricey. However, if you take a Lothian Bus, which is the cities main bus service, you can often find that your bus ticket doubles as a money off voucher entitling you to around £5 of entry to the dungeon. Look on the reverse of your bus ticket to see if you have a discount voucher. If you pre-book online you get a £6 discount, meaning entry for £10.20 which is good value for money for this attraction in my opinion.

The tour takes around 90 minutes to complete and is certainly worth doing if you are visiting Edinburgh. The Dungeons are easy to find, they are situated next to Waverley Train Station.
Edinburgh Dungeon
31 Market Street
Edinburgh, Scotland
+44 131 240 1000


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